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6 reasons everyone wants to be in a relationship this fall

Fall is simply the perfect season. With the leaves changing and sweater-weather in full swing, it gets everyone in a certain mood, one that is hopeful and excited for the following months to come. Yet, this changing of the seasons also is a notorious time for new relationships to occur, and causes one to yearn for a significant other to decorate pumpkins and sip on apple cider with.

Suddenly, it seems like everyone around you wants to be in a relationship and to fall for someone fast, but why is this? Here are six reasons love is at the forefront this fall:

The colors of fall

Believe it or not, the changing of the leaves plays a role in why people want a relationship so desperately. According to Rhonda Milrad, the founder of Relationup, "Colors have an impact on you, and fall colors, with their warm reds, yellows, oranges, magentas, and browns are associated with heightened emotions and passion, as well as joy and playfulness.” Fall’s colors obviously set the mood, and who doesn’t want to fall in love on Ohio University’s campus, with its pretty brick sidewalks and stunning College Green?

It’s cuffing season, duh

During this time of year, everyone is looking to settle down before winter, refusing to be single during the holidays and cold weather. “Cuffing season refers to the human tendency to wind our energy levels down and prepare for winter,” says psychiatrist Scott Carroll. “Humans don't hibernate, but our energy levels decrease and we naturally gather with others to help our survival. That means we are neurobiologically more prone to bond with someone at this time of the year.” Basically, it’s scientifically proven that humans simply need someone to rely on for protection and warmth, hence why they want to fall in love.

Looking for someone new is fun

Most people want to be with someone new, especially if they haven’t been in a relationship in a while. This means people are begging their friends to set them up or resort to dating apps, enthralled with the drama that goes down as a result. People looking for love simply crave the chase, finding excitement in searching for a potential significant other. They also are all for putting themselves out there, hoping that their confidence leads them to the right person. "People take breaks from dating in the summer and come fall, want to renew their energies to embark on the journey of searching for love…” says Darlene Corbett, a psychotherapist. Essentially, there’s a new energy in the air, one that can be thrilling for people in desperate need of a hug or kiss.

The media

Movies, TV shows and music all play a role as well in why people want a significant other. In particular, many people lean on the ideals of romantic comedies such as “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” or “Crazy Stupid Love” during this time, resorting to Netflix or Hulu to entertain their fantasies of finding “the one.” Meanwhile, it probably doesn’t help if you’re listening to Taylor Swift late at night, or watching reruns of “The Office” and obsessing over couples like Jim and Pam. Overall, the media we consume definitely can influence us to look for love.

Everyone else around you has a significant other already

You’re the only one without a boyfriend or girlfriend, making you want one even more. While you try to deny it, you wouldn’t mind someone holding your hand or meeting you for coffee on Court Street. Your friends all make falling in love look easy, causing you to feel insecure and excluded. Thus, you’re on the search for someone, whether you want to be or not. You also think the idea of going on double dates sounds appealing, and you deep down would like a partner that fits in with your friend group.

There’s potential chemistry already there

For some people, there’s already someone they have in mind to pursue a relationship with. Whether it’s their lab partner, co-worker or your best friend’s boyfriend’s friend or something of that insane nature, the fall is the perfect opportunity to start something new and different. Maybe you really get along with this person, or know they have feelings for you, and therefore want to give them a chance. Well, now is the time, especially if you want someone to spend the holidays with.


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