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Senior Ben Roderick poses for a portrait before Ohio’s practice in The Convo on Nov. 15, 2022.

Men's Basketball: Get to know Ben Roderick

Ben Roderick was the No. 6 basketball recruit in Ohio in 2019, and Jeff Boals getting him to commit to Ohio in his first season as head coach was a sign of what Boals would build in Athens.

Since joining the Bobcats, Roderick has become one of their most important players and was instrumental in their 2021 NCAA Tournament run.

This season, Roderick has transitioned to a different role, leading the team in minutes among non-starters and serving as a vital sixth man for Ohio. Roderick is averaging 8.7 points per game, and after shooting just 22% from three last season, he is shooting 50% from beyond the arc through six games this year.

The Post chatted with Roderick about his favorite TV shows and video games, his love for golf and more.

The Post: When you are traveling, what are three things you need to ensure you have on every trip?

Roderick: I need my AirPods, whether that's listening to music or watching a show. I need my laptop to do schoolwork or watch shows. And the last thing I gotta have is my toiletry bag. Those are always three things I check for.

TP: What shows have you been watching recently?

Roderick: I finished "House of the Dragon," I loved that show. Now that we're on the road, I'm trying to pick up a couple of new shows. I'm going to rewatch "House of Cards," I love that show. Maybe "Game of Thrones" again, "Designated Survivor," or even "Seinfeld." Those are the shows I really like.

TP: Were you a big "Game of Thrones" fan when it was first on?

Roderick: I didn't watch it when it was first on, and then I started watching it during COVID, and I watched it all the way through, and I love it now.

TP: What did you think about the ending? Obviously, it was pretty controversial, and a lot of people didn't like it.

Roderick: I don't think it was that bad. It definitely felt a little rushed, but I think people overreacted a little bit. I definitely think they could have put a bit more thought into it and made it a little bit longer.

TP: And you mentioned "House of the Dragon," have you finished that?

Roderick: I watched it every Sunday with my roommates. It was a great show, and I wish there was more to watch.

TP: Which would you say is better, "House of the Dragon" or Game of Thrones?" Which did you like more?

Roderick: I've seen "Game of Thrones" throughout, so I'm going to say that for right now, but with "House of the Dragon," I feel like the first season was really good compared to "Game of Thrones," so I'm excited to see where they take it the next couple of years.

TP: You mentioned watching shows and watching film, but what are some of your other hobbies when you're not working out or practicing?

Roderick: I love to play golf; that's probably my favorite hobby. If you don't find me on the basketball court, you can probably find me on the golf course with my friends. Another hobby of mine is playing video games. The new "Call of Duty" came out, and the new Warzone's coming out, so especially during the winter when it's cold outside, I'll play with my buddies and it's a great time.

TP: So how long have you been playing golf?

Roderick: I took lessons when I was a little kid, and then I stopped playing for a while, but I kind of picked it back up during high school and then during COVID, I really started playing again. These past couple years, I play three or four times a week if I don't have stuff to do, I love it.

TP: Do you play at the course on campus, or do you go somewhere else?

Roderick: I do both. The course on campus is pretty easy to go to, it's like two minutes away from my house. But if I'm ever looking for an 18-hole course I'll go up to Columbus since I'm from there and play a course there.

TP: You mentioned you've been playing the new Call of Duty, what do you think of it so far?

Roderick: I like it, I like how you have to use different guns to unlock other guns. I like how that creates gun diversity. And the new Warzone comes out tomorrow, so I'll be hopping on that as soon as we get back. I'm excited. Hopefully, it'll be good.

TP: We just talked to Elmore James, and he said you guys play NBA 2K a lot, do you play that with some of your teammates?

Roderick: I do not. I play "Madden." But no one on this team has beaten me in "Madden," so that's all I'm gonna say.


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