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5 attainable New Year’s resolutions

Along with ringing in the New Year, many people like to make a list of goals or resolutions to achieve to better themselves. Whether you have started to work towards your goals or would like to start now, here are five resolutions you can add to your list, especially going into the new semester.

Have a consistent sleep schedule

If you want to become more productive in 2023, it will be hard to achieve that without having a good sleep schedule. Try to go to bed around the same time every night and wake up around the same time in the morning. If for some reason you go to sleep at a later time one night, it is better to wake up at your scheduled time in order to stay consistent. However, it’s never a bad thing to sneak in a 20-or 30-minute nap throughout your day.

Keep a daily planning system 

Whether you prefer to plan your days out on paper or on a device, it is vital to have a record of what you need to complete each day. It will help with keeping track of assignments, appointments, meetings and anything else that may be happening in your busy life. There are also many trendy planners out there that make the planning process a little more fun.


Of course, working out is a given when making a New Year’s resolutions list. However, maybe think about approaching a new exercise routine a little differently this year. Instead of going hard in the gym the first few weeks of this year and eventually tiring yourself out and never going back until next year, find unique ways to get your body moving.

You can go for a walk around your town for 30 minutes or take a yoga class with a friend. Either way, moving around for at least 30 minutes is more attainable than going to the gym for two hours, especially if that isn’t your preference. 

Find a hobby

Most resolutions are boring and are a reflection of one’s personal insecurities. Go into 2023 with a more positive mindset and find a new hobby for yourself. There are so many out there, like painting or drawing, reading, hiking and crafting. Find something that you genuinely enjoy and that will take you away from scrolling through TikTok in your free time.

Keep yourself accountable

No matter what your goals are for this new year, it will only work if you hold yourself accountable. Big or small, goals are only achieved if you are strict with yourself to stick to it on a daily basis. By holding yourself to a certain standard, you will be able to look back on this year and be proud of what you achieved.


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