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5 things you didn’t know about rising influencer Alix Earle

If you know anything about the latest in pop culture, then you have most definitely heard the name Alix Earle. Not even a full year ago, Earle was a normal University of Miami college student from New Jersey, but a few months and a couple of million followers on TikTok later, Earle is drowning in fame.

While the “it” girl spotlight is both a big and revealing one, Earle’s famous “Get Ready with Me” videos do not give away everything. 

With that being said, here are five things you may not know about rising star Alix Earle:

5. She comes from an extremely wealthy family 

Earle’s father, Thomas “TJ” Earle, is the CEO of his family's New Jersey-based road construction company appropriately named Earle. Earle has been up and running since 1968 and has an estimated revenue of $24.1M per year. Alix was a marketing intern at the company in 2020 where she assisted with Earle’s social media. While Alix’s family wealth can be somewhat seen by the extravagance of her many documented family vacations, the magnitude of the Earles' family money is shocking, impressive and seldom known. 

4. She is statically one of the fastest-growing content creators the TikTok app has ever seen

From her first big video in early 2022 to present-day Earle continues to get the engagement that so many influencers are desperately trying to pull. Her numbers continue to grow and are nothing short of insane, and she has not stopped swimming in fame since the very beginning. Throughout her time on TikTok, she has stayed humble, but her numbers speak volumes about her success. She even managed to once gain 600,000 followers in six days and $1 million in a single month. Her growth has not been hindered once since her first taste of fame a little less than a year ago. With millions of views for every video, this is just the beginning. 

3. Her step-mother was making headlines long before we ever knew who Alix Earle was

Alix’s somewhat well-known stepmother, Ashley Dupre, has a few people who know who she is, claiming that she may be more iconic than Alix herself. Dupre is a former call girl who became well known when it was revealed that she was the woman in the middle of former New York governor Eliot Spitzer’s prostitution scandal. Alix Earle may be the queen of the internet now, but there was a time when her step-mom was breaking news. I guess you could say like (step)mother like daughter.

2. Earle’s rates for brand deals are massive and jaw-dropping

On average Earle charges brands $30K-$70K per video for all deals depending of course on the brand, and what they are asking of her. This amount of money is somewhat unheard of in the Tik Tok space because it is not often that an influencer, especially one of a newer status, sets a rate that drastically high. This information first came to light when influencer Jessica Liliann made a video about reaching out to Earle’s team with a potential brand deal worth $10K, and then being denied. As Earle continues to grow the rate is bound to as well, but Liliann makes a good point in posing the question of whether or not users will “grow resentment” for a creator that makes more money on a single video than some people do in a year. 

1. Her fame has gotten her some of the most desired brand collaborations out there

From collaborating with Selena Gomez herself in a video for Rare Beauty to being sent on a multi-million dollar trip to Dubai with Tarte, Earle has garnered herself some serious brand deals. As one of the most wanted influencers for brand engagement Earle has built herself an empire when it comes to the brands she works with whether it's designer clothing or pre-workout supplements Earle only represents the best of the best. No wonder she charges $70K for a deal. 

Earle has put herself in the position of one of the most trusted and influential celebrities that popular culture has seen in a while, and people simply can not get enough of her. Whether you’re an avid Earle follower or not, it’s safe to say that she has a big future ahead of her. Consider the internet obsessed.  


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