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Here’s what your favorite 'New Girl' character says about you

“New Girl” is a show that most people recognize even if they haven’t seen it thanks to its main character, Jessica Day, played by Zooey Deschanel. The Fox sitcom became a phenomenon in the world of nighttime television, running for seven seasons until its end in 2018. 

If you’re an avid fan of the show and miss its witty sense of humor and relatable characters, here’s what your favorite “New Girl” character says about you:

Jessica Day

You are the exact definition of peppy. You are lively and always have enough energy for two people, always running around and trying to bring more positivity into everyone’s lives. You value friendship and loyalty, and even though people can think you’re annoying or an airhead at times due to your gullible and curious nature, you usually win over most people in the end. Don’t change who you are, as you have the right amount of quirkiness and spunk to get your far in life!

All in all, you don’t let people bring you down, and you always want others to be happy. You also may love to sing or hum on a regular basis.

Winston Schmidt

Like Schmidt, you are extremely critical of yourself and the others around you. You like looking presentable and confident, but this can be your downfall as this notion can rub others the wrong way when you try to critique their own style. You have no filter, which is sometimes a hilarious thing, but can go terribly wrong for you when trying to make friends or out in the dating world. Deep down, you care about others, especially the people who have continued to stay in your life, and people may not always realize that at first.

Nick Miller

You love a good conspiracy theory. You tend to be lazy and lack the self-confidence to pursue what you really want sometimes, but you can also save the day with your intelligence and humor when times are tough. You don’t really care what others think about you, nor do you care much about your appearance. Essentially, you don’t take yourself too seriously, and when others around you start to, you always bring them back down to earth. Maybe shave every once in a while or do your laundry, but overall, just keep being you!

Winston Bishop

There simply is nobody out there like you. You are kind and passionate about the weirdest things, but that’s what makes you memorable. You march to the beat of your own drum, forgetting sometimes to keep others in mind. You rely on your friends all the time, for good and bad reasons, but you like being a part of a team rather than working alone. Every once in a while, you make bad decisions, but you always learn a lesson from them. You also love cats, prioritizing your love for animals over your love for people from time to time.

Cece Parekh

You are extremely confident and sure of yourself. You love fashion and hanging out with friends, and are always looking for an adventure. You may throw yourself into situations that you don’t want to in order to appease others, with the ones closest to you usually having to pull you out of them. You’re hard on the outside, but a sweetheart on the inside. You love being around people all the time, always up for a dinner party or concert. You just love the fun things that life offers and living in the moment is something you always strive to do.


Some people may say you’re really intense, but it’s only because you are a naturally competitive person. You focus too much on being a perfectionist that it can backfire and lead to fall outs with others. Yet, your passion for what you love to do never goes unnoticed and it inspires others to go after what they want in life. You probably love watching any kind of sport, as well as playing absurd and innovative drinking games, and you also are very carefree and non-judgmental of others. In the end, everyone loves you, even if you can be a lot sometimes.


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