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Here’s five tips to prepare you for OU’s fest season

It’s a well-known fact that once Ohio University students come back from spring break, fest season begins and so does chaos. From police horses trailing down Mill Street to DJs starting their sets in the early hours of the morning, fest season is definitely a unique time of year on campus.

Yet, many students go into fest season completely blind, especially freshmen, and it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into these next few weekends before spring semester comes to an end. That being said, here are five tips to prepare you for OU’s fest season:

Hydrate all day

Before you go out for fests, make sure you drink enough water to avoid dehydration. This may sound silly, as everyone knows to stay hydrated as you prepare to drink all day, but once you start drinking, you’ll easily forget. Instead, plan to down some water two to three hours in advance of fests. Also, do not bring a water bottle with you to fests, as police will easily suspect it to be alcohol, even if water really is inside of it.

Stay off the sidewalks

If you’re carrying an open container, you should never hold it while walking on the sidewalks. Police are everywhere during fest season, and you do not want to get an underage drinking citation. Cops are anticipating for students to make this mistake, so don’t be that person this fest season. Even if you are 21, you still cannot be holding an open container, so as soon as you decide to leave a party, leave your drink behind or finish it.

Undercovers will be out

While police will be roaming the streets in full uniform, they will also purposely be dressed as students. They want to ticket you, so make sure you’re being smart about how much you’re drinking. Likewise, if you suspect that there are undercovers, just leave to avoid any punishment, as it’s best to get out before more people around you start to get in trouble. If for some reason an undercover approaches you, do not lie to them about your age or your identity, as they will be able to tell. 

Plan to do your homework in advance

During fest weekends, you’re not going to have time to do any of your homework if you’re planning to be out at parties all day, so make sure you’re planning out when to get it done beforehand. By doing this, you won’t fall behind nor will you be stressed about any assignments or projects as the week grows closer. Manage your time wisely throughout the week as well. Since you’re going to be out all weekend, don’t go out as much during the week to avoid procrastination.

Watch yourself and your tolerance

Don’t let the friends you go out with pressure you into consuming too much alcohol right away, as you’ll be knocked out by early afternoon. Make sure you pace yourself in the morning before a fest starts, and be careful not to test your tolerance. If you’re not careful, you could end up in dangerous situations, and you do not want to brownout or blackout while surrounded by a bunch of strangers. Also, watch your behavior, as well as your friends,’ as you’re drinking. If someone is becoming hostile, incoherent or unresponsive, seek help and try to get away from the party atmosphere.

Take breaks throughout the day

Take breaks when necessary during fest season, especially if you find yourself not feeling good. Find a designated time to go grab food, head back to your dorm or apartment or even just to take a nap. By doing this, you’ll regain your energy, allowing you to stay up throughout the day. You’ll also be in a better mood throughout the day, which can aid you in making smart decisions if chaos ensues.


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