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5 health, wellness benefits of cannabis

Although 420 Day can seem like a joke to those who do not use cannabis products, there are many wonderful ways that cannabis can aid in improving one’s quality of life. Not all of these benefits are 100% proven; however, many people and healthcare professionals claim that there are potential health benefits of cannabis. While the use of cannabis may not work for everyone, there are many products on the market for newcomers to experiment with and find what works for them best. In honor of 420 Day, here are five health and wellness benefits of cannabis:

Relieves pain

Many people combat chronic pain in their daily lives. While some prescribed medication may work, it doesn’t work for everyone. Cannabinoids, a compound that is found in cannabis, have pain-relieving properties that can help alleviate symptoms. Medical marijuana is often prescribed for chronic pain, too.

Reduces anxiety and depression

Another benefit of cannabis is that it can help to decrease anxiety and alleviate depression. Marijuana can act as a sedative for some people, which can help with social anxiety. It can also help to stabilize one’s mood, in turn relieving stress, which is a major cause of depression. 

Helps with epilepsy

CBD has been found to control seizures for those diagnosed with epilepsy. Based on an article by Sanctuary Wellness Institute, “current evidence has shown that there can be up to a 51% decrease in seizures for patients who use medical marijuana.” In addition, the FDA has only approved the medical use of cannabis for epilepsy. 

Lowers blood pressure

Cannabinoids can help lower blood pressure for those battling high blood pressure, especially people aged 60 and older. While it may not be a cure, cannabis use can help maintain lower pressure levels. 

Helps with insomnia

Many CBD-infused melatonin products act as sleep aids. Some cannabis products can help with insomnia by putting you to sleep and keeping you asleep. Cannabis is proven to promote relaxation and pain reduction, which can also encourage restful sleep. 


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