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Here’s how to brace yourself for graduation this spring

Graduation day is quickly approaching for some college students out there and it can be a tense and emotional occasion, with many events happening at once. However, there are ways to prepare yourself to have a perfect graduation and end on a high note. So without further ado, here’s how to brace yourself for graduation this spring.

Make sure you have no missing assignments for classes

If you’re stressed about graduation, then you might forget about important deadlines for your classes. To end the spring semester strong and finish with high grades, it's vital that you stay updated on your schedule. You can read this article, which discusses ways to improve your academic life in the spring semester. 

Email your professor about any assignments that are past due and check if you can complete them for partial credit to get your grades up. Even if you aren’t able to receive full credit for these late assignments, having a grade higher than zero can make a great difference in your overall grade point average.

Send out reminders to people about your graduation

It’s important to notify anyone who would be interested in your graduation to keep friends and family updated. Informing others of your graduation date allows them to build plans around it. Because there can be a lot of things going on at that time, telling people close to you about your graduation schedule can help with the planning process.

Create a resume for your future career

To prepare yourself for your career, it’s best to create a strong resume if you haven’t done so already. Being proactive and searching for a job before graduation day comes around can show that you are enthusiastic about any position you apply for. If you already have a resume, then update it to show that you’ve graduated.

Another point to look at when job searching is building a memorable cover letter. Cover letters are harder to write because they need to be unique depending on the job description. However, having the writing skills necessary to form a strong letter can make or break landing a job. Overall, it's important to have a cover letter and resume already made by graduation time to transition smoothly into the working world.

Host a graduation party because you’ve earned it

Graduation is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so it's an occasion worth celebrating. If you’re a fan of parties, then hosting a grandiose gathering can feel like a reward after a struggle. You can invite your fellow graduates to join you in this celebration and surround yourself with close friends.

Feel free to do whatever you want for your graduation party, but here are some suggestions to get you started. One way to set the mood is with a graduation playlist, to celebrate the joyous event of finally getting through college. Another way to create a fun party environment is to theme it to be academic to be fitting towards your graduation.

If you want to check out what the commencement ceremony will look like, here’s the commencement video from the spring of 2022.


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