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Artist Spotlight: Anna Storm inspires confidence with her empowering sound

Anna Storm is a pop singer and songwriter on a mission to empower her listeners with messages of confidence and a history of overcoming adversity. Her fearless style encourages others to step out of their comfort zones and discover their self-worth. 

“I want people to see that despite any trials and tribulations you may go through, you can still achieve anything through mustering strong spirit and will,” Storm said in a press release.

Storm began her musical journey in her small Connecticut hometown as an outlet to cope with the troubles of her daily life. She faced disregard from those around her and harassment from school bullies, all of which she escaped from through her music. The medium allowed her to express her emotions when no one else would listen, and it helped her evolve into the confident, self-loving force of nature she is today. 

While Storm has only released a few songs on streaming platforms, she already sports an impressive amount of acclaim. She has become an Emmy-winning artist as a result of her involvement in musician Lizzo’s TV show, “Watch Out for the Big Grrrls.” She has also been featured in other TV shows such as Snapchat’s “Phone Swap” and Netflix’s “Chad & JT Go Deep.” 

Storm’s musical style is based on the themes of confidence and self-assurance. Her style is a blend of dark pop and R&B, with a myriad of other genres making appearances in her list of influences. Her swagger is exemplified through her sultry alto sound supported by backgrounds of thumping bass drums and electronic soundscapes. 

In 2019, Storm released "Confident," along with an unplugged and remixed version of the track, the latter featuring J.K. The Reaper. The song is a wonderful demonstration of her rich and impassioned vocals. "Confident" will immediately overcome listeners with the urge to confidently strut to the intoxicating beat, featuring the lyrics, “See me walking down the street / That’s the girl you want to be.” The instrumental background is full-sounding, replete with rhythmic piano and exciting drums to round out the number. 

“You don't need anyone's approval, not about what you wear, not about what you do, not about what you feel, self-love and self-confidence are such beautiful things, and they equate to power for those who decide to embrace them,” said Storm, maintaining her powerful stance on a person’s relationship with themselves. 

The other two songs available on streaming services, "Red Bottoms & Sandy Beaches"  and "Versace Shade," take Storm’s core message and energy to another level. They are both perfect dance songs with creative lyrics and passionate energy, the former tackling the more intense pop genre and the latter introducing her seductive energy that will appear in later work.

 "Red Bottoms & Sandy Beaches" also features lush background vocals that create the illusion of multiple women supporting the listener's journey to self-empowerment, thus furthering Storm’s feminist ideals.  

Storm’s latest project is a single titled “Clown Tears,” which is due to be released Oct. 31. The song is sassy and emblematic of 2000s club music right from the opening bars, and continues that energy flawlessly. It maintains the same energy as her early work but with a fresh energy and a new conception of the theme. The use of a persistent thumping bass drum, sinister melody and electronic edge make the song a sound that is not to be reckoned with. The song is an easy listen about finding oneself after a toxic relationship. 

“It’s so easy to lose yourself while trying to please someone you love, but when you finally lose and let go of toxic people, you find yourself,“ said Storm in a press release. "Not everyone has the same heart as you, and not everyone deserves you- know your worth. You do not have to stick around entertaining a clown- you are the ringleader and you decide when the circus is up. Redirect all the love you invested into someone who didn’t value you, and love yourself."

“Clown Tears” is accompanied by a music video that matches the single perfectly. Storm is featured as a dealer at a poker table and a bartender at a deluxe establishment, thus furthering her position of power in a high-class world. Storm dons elaborate and glittery makeup, as well as a confidence-boosting outfit. From the opening graphic that displays her name in lighting-shaped and colorful letters, the aesthetic of the video is set. 

Anna Storm’s new single is a must-listen for enjoyers of any genre. Her energy will encapsulate and fulfill any need for a confidence boost, and her music is an inspired manifestation of her core energy. 


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