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Quinntessential: The little things you miss from home

This past Sunday, I was informed of dreadful news: I have bronchitis. This unfortunate news brought sorrow to my heart. My mind was unwavering, yet my body fell to the disease's treacherous symptoms. This led to my mother dashing over to Athens in her chariot of silver to escort me back to my hometown of Dublin, Ohio. Once I arrived at my suburban household, I had an epiphany of great proportions. I realized homesickness doesn't derive from the monumental changes that come from college but rather the tiny, inconsequential details of living in a college dorm.

The first item that came to mind is the main difference between a college dorm and living at home: the use of shower shoes. A once unknown in the world of a pre-college student has become one of necessity inside the walls of a rather heinous college dorm. For example, if one utilized shower shoes at home, one would be ridiculed with side-eyes and passive-aggressive comments. However, if a college student were to pull up to the communal bathroom without shower shoes, they would be ridiculed with nasty looks and walk away with an unknown foot fungus that may or may not be curable.

Another realization that may come with your cameo appearance in your hometown is the lack of a putrid smell or general mustiness that always makes your acquaintance in a run-of-the-mill Ohio University dorm. The moment you walk into your home brings a sense of euphoria as you realize your sniffer has adapted to the typical putrid smells that inhabit a building that may have a framework from the 1800s. You also comprehend it is rather disgusting that once you leave home, you must return to a location that inhabits foul 18-year-olds who may not value hygiene as much as yourself.

The final query that must be recognized as a catalyst for homesickness is one of great proportions. Whilst one inhabits their previous home, one lacks enduring a peer with whom you must share an almost comical-sized living space. Knowing you aren't sharing a room that shouldn't accompany two individuals is truly an astonishing experience as a freshman or sophomore.

While returning to your previous place of living may be comforting, it is necessary to branch out and live a life different from your home life. You have to network outside the confines of your previous household. As the saying goes, "It's not about what you know, but rather who you know." 

Those words pay dividends for what our society has molded into today, as we must realize that it is important that we set our path in this world we live in. If we only rely on comfortability, we cannot achieve the best version of ourselves.

Quinn Elfers is a freshman studying journalism at Ohio University. Please note that the views and opinions of the columnists do not reflect those of The Post. Want to share your thoughts about the column? Let Quinn know by emailing him at

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