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Artist Spotlight: LANY’s discography deserves a spot on your playlist

Oklahoma native Paul Jason Klein headed to Nashville to meet up with two college friends in 2014. Jake Goss and Les Priest were working on a music project that would soon become a new creation with Klein. The trio took to SoundCloud, releasing two songs and later becoming the pop-rock band, LANY (standing for Los Angeles New York).

Born in Tulsa, OK, frontman Klein got his start in music at a young age. Klein put his passion into practice, learning piano at the age of five, and boasts 13 years of classical training. Klein attended Belmont University in Nashville, where he got a business degree and formed friendships with his future bandmates. While the three went separate ways after college, with Klein pursuing a solo career, they reunited to create what is now LANY.

The first two songs released on SoundCloud by the band anonymously were “Hot Lights” and “Walk Away.” In just six days, the trio got recognition from record labels, propelling the band to release their first EP, “Acronyms,” while remaining nameless on the platform. In 2015, LANY finally signed with Interscope Records and used its newfound momentum to release their EP, “I Loved You.”

The second EP from the band was the first to hit streaming platforms and to be released with the band’s real identity. Standout tracks like “4EVER!” and “Someone Else” gained traction from fans. With the release of the second EP, the band was beginning to appear at festivals such as Lollapalooza, with artists like Troye Sivan and Halsey.

The fanbase for LANY was building, and in 2015 a re-release EP, “Make Out,“ hit platforms, including many fan favorites from SoundCloud. “ILYSB,“ an acronym meaning “I love you so bad,” was the big break for LANY. With impressive vocals from Klein and a rhythm you can’t help but dance to, it’s no surprise that success followed greatly after the release. The band went on two support tours with Sivan and later Ellie Goulding. In 2016, the trio embarked on their first solo tour for the EP.

Another tour followed in the fall, the “Kinda tour” mirroring the name of their third project. The “kinda” EP gave fans adorned favorites such as “pink skies” and “current location.” LANY’s sound only elevated more with each new project as the band settled into the pop-rock genre. Most songs LANY released were focused on breakups and relationships, providing comfort to grieving fans.

2017 was LANY’s kickstart year as the band played alongside John Mayer for seven of his tour shows, and later announced their first album release. Their debut album ”LANY” was a massive hit among fans. The third track on the album, “Super Far,“ saw a huge number of streams, and there’s no surprise why. From its catchy beat to lyrics that perfectly describe heartbreak, it continues to be one of LANY’s most listened-to songs. The band also toured this album continuing their on-stage success across the world.

In 2018, the album “Malibu Nights” was released. The album gained traction worldwide as many of the songs are about Klein’s relationship with pop singer Dua Lipa, and their breakup. “Malibu Nights,“ the final track on the album, became LANY’s most popular song. The song is a slow-paced testimony to heartbreak, and the raw emotion in the lyrics is enough to make it a perfect breakup song.

“Malibu Nights” now holds over 300 million streams on Spotify, with other songs from the album, “Thick and Thin,“ “I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore” and “Thru These Tears” following closely behind. “Malibu Nights” is one of the most put-together break-up albums, with a ballad for everyone to relate to.

The second album saw another world tour from the band, as LANY’s clear mission has always been to build connections with its fans. New for the band in 2019 was two collaborative singles. “Okay” with Julia Michaels was the first and “Mean It” created with Lauv was released in the months after. Lauv went on to feature the song created with LANY on his debut album, “how i’m feeling.”

In 2020, the band released yet another album titled “mama’s boy,” an album from the band centered around maturing and the journeys of childhood. The song “if this is the last time” is a beautiful piece dedicated to people in the band members' lives who made them who they are. “mama’s boy” has a different feel for the band, as most songs on the album are slower and produced with acoustic guitars and pianos, which shows the variety in LANY’s discography. A deluxe edition of the album with three more songs was released in 2021.

2021 also saw the release of another album for LANY, called “gg bb xx” an upbeat electronic project, the total opposite of “mama’s boy.” LANY also fulfilled its contract with Interscope Records and released “gg bb xx” independently.

The single for the album, “dancing in the kitchen,“ brings an upbeat mix to the small moments in life. The song is accompanied by the angry piece of romantic regret, “ex i never had,“ and the catchy song, “up to me,“ plus 10 other beautiful songs. The deluxe version of this album saw eight bonus tracks, most notably “i quit drinking” featuring Kelsea Ballerini.

Ballerini compliments Klein’s voice magically as they tell the story of quitting drinking to avoid the memories of past relationships. The following year, the band announced that keyboardist Les Priest would be leaving the band to pursue producing.

In September, LANY released its fifth studio album, “A Beautiful Blur,” as a duo. With five studio albums and four EPs since 2014, LANY continues to raise the bar and produce relatable content for its fans. LANY’s fan base is one of the most loyal, selling out endless tours and skyrocketing songs to the top. The band will be going on their next world tour for “A Beautiful Blur,” which will kick off this month in Spain and hit North America in February 2024.

LANY is a pop-rock group that has adapted since its start. A massive fan base backs the duo and allows for endless support. Among its creativity and beautifully comprised albums is a well-rounded band that is worth becoming obsessed with. Songs about love, heartbreak and growing up are relatable to everyone. If you’re looking for your new favorite band, LANY is it.

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