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Abby Sage creates a world of sensuality and introspection

Toronto-born, LA-based artist Abby Sage has an incredible imagination and inspires introspection. Her delicate voice fills listeners' ears with words that tell tales of beauty within chaos. The amount of detail in each project does not go unnoticed. She is an artist of multiple mediums and is unafraid to step outside the box.

Abby Sage is an alternative indie artist who got an early start. She watched her father perform and felt a push in the right direction in the music world. She released her first EP in 2021 titled "Fears of Yours & Mine," and her second in 2022, titled "The Florist." Those projects introduced audiences to a side of creativity not yet explored. Her uniquely personal concepts, simplistic beats and complex lyricism bring people back for more.

Sage believes exploring self and finding new perspectives is essential to growing up. Her debut album, "The Rot," will be released March 1. This project is unfiltered and abstractly raw.

While creating this album, Sage reconnected with her mother's side of the family in London. She allowed herself to take in the delicacies of change and evolution. When navigating through the album, beginning to end, listeners can feel the transitions and seasons that Sage went through. Each song is a work of art on its own, but when put together, it creates a wide world of relatability. 

Her first single from this album, "Milk," was released Oct. 6, 2023. It features a rhythmic guitar beat with a smooth pulse. Her voice is lightweight with a fierce drive behind it. The lyric, "Hold my hand," is repeated throughout and leaves room for connection, balance and individual interpretations.

Sage released three other singles from this project; "Hunger," "Obstruction" and "Soak." Those songs touch on topics of pleasure, sexuality, discovery and reconstruction. Her trance-like harmonies, whimsical storytelling and orchestral additions make her music all the more impactful.

In an article from Nettwerk, Sage explains what the song "Hunger" means to her: "It addresses the pressure and expectation that I have felt all my life surrounding sex and what my relationship with it should look like." 

She unravels her experiences and sets the mood immediately with the lyrics, "I'm watching porn on my phone, just to taste what I know." She examines her past feelings of shame and the journey to overcome and accept it for what it is.

Not only can listeners hear her emotions, but they can also visualize and analyze them. Her vividly dark and intimate cover art and music videos display the full nature of her growth and evolution. We see this from Sage's paper mache, ethereal lighting and almost "off-putting" scenery in the video for "Obstruction." 

Her artistry is insightful and deeply original. One can feel and understand her poetry through her visually creative lens.

Audiences everywhere can sit back and uncover her stories from childhood to adulthood with graceful vulnerability. Abby Sage is an artist everyone should get familiar with. Her talent and vibrant curiosity are something the music industry needs more of. 

With the likes of Suki Waterhouse, Gus Dapperton and Vacations lies a hidden gem that truly feels every part of the process. Dive into Abby Sage's discography and explore the roots of who you are. If you enjoy Spotify's playlists Lorem, Bedroom Pop and All New Indie, include Abby Sage in your listening sessions.

In May, Sage will be touring the U.S., Europe and the U.K. Tickets are on sale now; the show will be one to remember.

Pre-save her debut album, "The Rot," here!

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