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The newest iteration of Bedbug is a force in indie rock 

Bedbug, once the solo project of New York native Dylan Gamez Citron, was complete with Casio synths, loop pedals and cassette tapes. Today, the concept has become a fully developed indie rock band with a newly released album, "pack your bags the sun is growing."

Run For Cover's Joy Void and Z Tapes released the group's previous work, but the newest album was a collaborative effort with the Disposable America record label. The group has received editorial support from publications, like PitchforkStereogumSPINThe FaderBandcamp Daily and NPR

"pack your bags the sun is growing"is the band's fourth full-length album and the newest release since its EP, "s/t," in 2022. The album combines the lo-fi/bedroom pop roots of Bedbug's early work with more expressive indie rock energy. It is the group's first album recorded in a studio and with a full band, which allowed them to pay homage to powerful indie rock icons like Built to Spill, Cap'n Jazz, Modest Mouse and Broken Social Scene. 

"We put a lot of love into it (the record) and made sure there's still lots of love for the longtime 'lo-fi' fans," said Citron in a press release. "I'm a bit nervous about this one; it's been a few years since I've put out new music. It's also the most ambitious Bedbug album by far, so I appreciate everyone who's been sticking with me!" 

The album's concept is surreal and prismatic. The lyrics are deeply confessional but hide behind a hazy fog of muddled annunciation and whispered verses. That vocal phenomenon is exemplified in the album's first track, "The City Lights." The song is emblematic of Sufjan Steven's lackluster yet emotional singing and is authentically imperfect. The song follows an arc, steadily growing in energy before falling for the touching finale. 

"the city lights" is followed by "halo on the interstate," one of the lead singles off the album. The song is another stunning example of indiscernible lyrics containing worlds of emotion and is emblematic of artists like Cavetown. The other lead single on the album is "postcard, which possesses a deep sadness reminiscent of a goodbye to a long-distance friend. 

Another similarly emotional track on the album is "seasons on the new coast,"which takes the cohesive vocal quality of the album and creates the record's most melancholy track. The song exemplifies the variety of the album, despite the overarching sound that ties each track together. "the great bonfire" is another example of this trend in the album, featuring the most instrumental variety on the record. 

Highlights on the album are "leave your things, the stars are returning" and "sunset (finale)."The former features an instrumental introduction that serves as an auditory metaphor for the song title, with each pluck of a guitar string representing the sound of a star returning to the sky. The repetitive melody drives the song forward as it approaches an ending in which the vocals mimic the guitar in an unserious but endearing way. "sunset (finale)" is simple, containing just a guitar background and a collection of heartwrenching vocals, but is nevertheless one of the album's standouts. 

The album's two bonus tracks, "clouds from the window (bonus)" and "moon still grows (bonus)," are further examples of the power of simplicity; the bonus tracks provide fittingly calm endings to the album. A final example of the barebones highlights of the album is "mount moon," which perfectly honors the band's lo-fi roots. The instrumental track features a sampling of a phone call, nature sound effects and a synth background to envelop the listener in the simple and moving track. 

"pack your bags the sun is growing" is the newest chapter in Bedbug's detailed history. The band has performed with big names like Japanese Breakfast, Grouper, Lomelda, Snail Mail, Strange Ranger, yourarmsaremycocoon and Frog. 

Dylan Gamez Citron has solidified their standing as a strong indie rock/lo-fi name in the music industry. Bedbug will continue to impress listeners with intricate storytelling, conceptual lyrics and kaleidoscopic instrumental techniques. 


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