Get into the Halloween spirit with these spooky decorations that you can do in your dorm

Being away from home means that we can’t enjoy the decorations that our parents usually put up for holidays. Instead, we’re stuck with the stark-white prison walls in our dorm rooms. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Being in college means that we can be resourceful. Here are some Halloween-themed decorations you can make or buy for your dorm.

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Door Decorations

Your door is where you can express yourself and allow your neighbors to get to know you without having to talk to anybody. Most stores sell cute, quirky caution tape you can wrap around your door to celebrate Halloween.

Another great idea is wrapping your door in the fake, gauzy spider webs that are sold in a majority of convenience stores. Just pop on a few fake or paper spiders and voilà!

You may think that the decorations your grandma puts up every year are tacky. However, I’m here to tell you that they are not. Wreaths and cute little signs can be an fast, easy way to say: “I’m festive, but have too much to do.” The materials you will need to make this are: a paper plate, some fallen leaves, a pine cone or two and maybe a small ribbon. If you’re too lazy and have a few dollars to spare, buy one at any shop Uptown.

Now, if you’re completely lazy AND broke — like most of us are — an easy way to get into the Halloween spirit is to put up a few cutout ghosts or pumpkins. Print out a few colored pumpkins or color them in.

Or, you can wrap some toilet paper around it and make a mummy. Just be creative and you’re sure to have a door that will make even your RAs jealous!


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Inside your room:

While your door can show your neighbors a direct reflection of yourself, the inside of your room is where you can really be creative. You can go buck wild and deck out your dorm like a haunted house or keep it simple with a few mini pumpkins.

One of my favorite parts of fall is the jack-o’-lanterns. I have distinct memories of my dad and I slaving away at carving pumpkins for hours, just so it could have the right teeth or face of Jerry Garcia. One simple decoration you can have are carved pumpkins! It may be hard to find them when you’re in college, but here is a comprehensive list of pumpkin patches in southern Ohio and templates to carve the perfect pumpkin.

If you want to go fully macabre, then the haunted house route may be the way for you. Blood, guts and gore can fill your room if you’re willing to spend a few bucks. One way to do this is to buy a bloody border or make one yourself with a plastic tarp and some red spray paint. Next, wrap your futon in a white sheet splattered with a mix of two-parts red, one-part black Rit dye, one-part water. Place the sheet on your futon, add a few body parts and prop knives, and you have a •Dexter/Halloween room that anyone would kill for!

Another simple way of decorating is decorative pillows and blankets.As far as blankets go, you can be crafty and make your own using fleece and the no-sew tie method. Most stores have a limited selection of Halloween print fleece, but you can be creative and make your own color scheme to have a fabulously fuzzy throw!

Now that your dorm is spooky, you can have your friends over for a Halloween horror movie night.


Happy Halloween!

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