What you missed on last week’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder. 

It’s not only Connor (Jack Falahee) who attempts to break the allegiance from Annalise (Viola Davis) as her brainwashed intern, but Asher (Matt McGorry) who tries to finds any means to pursue an escape route from the group in last week’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder.

The episode begins with another flashback on the night Annalise was shot. This time, Bonnie (Liza Weil) is frantically running away from Catherine Hapstall’s house. Bonnie then jumps into a car sitting in the driveway, where it is then the camera pans and we find that Asher is sitting next to her terrified and confused as to what may have just happened.

The scene is then flash forwarded back to a familiar scene in last week’s episode, where Bonnie is telling Asher the story of how Sam (Tom Verica) tried to sexually assault her and how she killed him. Honestly, I don’t know why Bonnie always tries to help cover up for Annalise’s lies. Annalise never seems to be satisfied with Bonnie’s loyalty. But after watching this episode, I just feel like there may be something deeper to the relationship between Bonnie and Annalise. We as an audience haven’t been given any clues, until now which is revealed in the later part of the episode.

Bonnie of course tells Annalise what she did for her and of course, Annalise proceeds to cuss Bonnie out. This season, Annalise is starting to make me really mad this season with her grumpiness. Like, you would think that someone who is loyal and remains on your side through murdering and lying and breaking the law, you may want to be nice to them.But, that’s just not Annalise’s thing I guess. It’s just a slight suggestion, professor Keating.  

Anyways, the interns (Michaela, Connor, Laurel and Wes) seem to be onto something as well. They see Frank (Charlie Weber) and Annalise acting real shady and suspicious, especially when they start to find out that Wes (Alfred Enoch) is starting to pick up clues as to who may have murdered Rebecca. But, when hasn’t Frank or Annalise not been shady? It really took you all an entire season to figure that out? Shaking my head, this show.

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Okay, then all of a sudden, Asher rushes into the house demanding to speak to Annalise, where he then tries to validate that what Bonnie told him about killing Sam is actually true. Of course, we don’t really hear what all went down between Annalise and Asher in her office, but we know that exchange had to be heated to the point where Asher runs to the courthouse to tell prosecutor Sinclair, his father and the judge, “I know who murdered Sam.”

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At first, I was like, oh is this really isn’t about to go down right now and then I was like nahhh, because then that would mean that the show would basically be ending this episode and there would be no point in solving the other murders because frankly their cases are irrelevant.

So while all that is going on, Laurel (Karla Souza) and Frank are getting their freak on in the basement, where Rebecca (Katie Findlay) was killed- how romantic. Then Michaela, Wes and Connor are still confused as to what might have just happened in the exchange between Asher and Annalise.

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But, Annalise who is not preoccupied with the Asher and the interns business, she goes and visits Nate (Billy Brown) where she tells him, she has been lying.

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This show just gets funnier and funnier. Like yes, Annalise, we know you have been lying since season one, episode one. Like no need to come clean now. But, she comes clean about what his wife, Nia asked Annalise to do. Then they share a moment and like hold hands as that is going to clear up the fact that she lied to him and his wife’s depression.

Side note, Connor finally tells Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) that he love him, which when Oliver told him last season, Connor didn’t say anything back. But, now Connor feels some type of way about him and it makes my heart sizzle with feelings and such.

Anyways, so Wes is really getting deep into finding out who might have killed Rebecca, when after one of the hearings of the Hapstall case, he meets up with Levi (Matt Cohen) and they meet his sketchy friend, Bruno who knows about Frank’s storage room where he may have hid Rebecca’s body. This show is turning into some all serial killer type situation and I’m not digging it at all.

Then we get back to Annalise’s house where she meets with Frank and Bonnie privately to discuss how their whole lying to Asher situation is under control. Before walking into the office, Frank leaves his storage keys on the table, which Wes steals because he really wants to know who killed Rebecca. Of course Annalise notices Wes being all weird, so she goes to ask Nate why he is being weird and Nate tells her that Wes thinks she killed Rebecca. Yes, we know that Bonnie physically killed Rebecca but we know that Annalise had something to do with it.

Speaking of Bonnie, she is still trying to convince Asher not to testify, where she even tells him she loves him and that still doesn’t stop him. So then, Bonnie is sobbing in her car and tells Annalise she should take the blame for everything.

Then we have the interns who after Levi is arrested because of planted drugs in his car, they proceed to go to Frank’s storage garage and see if her body is still there. I take Frank to be a smart, sophisticated serial killer, like almost on the level of Hannibal, so of course when the interns get to his garage, Rebecca’s body isn’t there. They open the little suitcase (that was suppose to have Rebecca’s body inside) and all they find is cash. Everyone thinks, Levi just set Wes up and now everyone thinks that Wes is just going a little crazy.

Then Annalise shows up at Asher’s place, which you would think to try and convince him one last time not to squeal on them, but Annalise totally spins it 180 degrees to show him the most disturbing video of a young Bonnie being molested by her dad.

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Well, at least that’s what Annalise seems to show Asher. As I said before, we now know that the connection between Annalise and Bonnie run deeper.

Of course, lastly the episode ends on the night Annalise was shot. Asher and Bonnie pull up to the are at the gas station where Bonnie tells Asher that she is going to the bathroom to freshen up. Bonnie essentially goes to that bathroom to wash the blood, not sure whose blood- of her body. Once she returns, Asher who was sitting in the passenger seat is now gone. Intense music plays and we cut to Asher, at the police station which seems like he was going to confess to the cops about what all just happened.

I’m totally freaking out for Asher next episode, like what if he becomes another casualty on the list of dead people in this show. I’m just super anxious and I need to know what all went down with his exchange at the police station.

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.