From cute dogs to cute kids, Clint Eastwood to “Mean” Joe Greene, the Super Bowl commercials bring creativity and a new culture to advertisement. 

Many watch the Super Bowl for four reasons: the game, the snacks, the halftime show and of course the commercials. There have been some hilarious, touching and not to mention expensive commercials since the dawn of the Super Bowl. This year's 30-second commercials are $5 million — almost $170,000 per second according to With this new record, the stakes to be funny and heartwarming are high. Here are just a handful of the best commercials to date:

1. Volkswagen: The Force (2011)

The kid in this commercial is adorable. The child dresses up in a Darth Vader costume and tries to use The Force on everything in the house. How is that not the cutest thing in the world?

2. Coca-Cola: “Hey kid, catch!” (1980)

This is probably the most famous Super Bowl commercial of all time. It features “Mean” Joe Greene, a defensive tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Coke remade the commercial for the 2009 Super Bowl. It featured Troy Polamalu and a little humor.

3. Budweiser: "Bud Puppy" (2015) 

Good job, Budweiser. You knew that a cute, little puppy was going to tug at the heart-strings of every person in America. Bravo. Mission accomplished. It was a social media sensation.

4. FedEx: "Carrier Pigeons" (2008)

If you’re afraid of birds, do not watch this commercial. FedEx showed us a world where packages are still delivered by pigeons — and it’s not a pretty sight. After watching this, we may need snail mail more than we think. 

5. Bud Light: "Secret Fridge" (2006)

This is the first Super Bowl commercial I vividly remember. It is absolutely hilarious — just like all of the other Bud Light commercials.

6. Ram trucks: "Ode to the Farmer" (2013)

Paul Harvey, the late radio broadcaster, narrated this commercial from Ram trucks. Living in a state where agriculture is a huge part of its identity, the commercial really hit home. It was not only a tribute to the farmers, but to every hard-working person in America.

7. Doritos: "Man’s Best Friend" (2012)

This was one of the most talked about commercials of Super Bowl XLVI. Even when a dog kills his cat, a bag of Doritos will make him forget about it.

8. Google: "Parisian Love" (2009)  

This was my favorite commercial from Super XLIII. Telling a whole love story through a Google search engine was a genius idea. It’s one of those commercials that will melt your heart — no matter how many times you watch it.

9. Chrysler: "Motor City" (2013)

Chrysler was able to score Clint Eastwood to narrate this commercial about Detroit. It played at halftime when everyone was getting settled back into their seats waiting for the game to resume. When Clint Eastwood’s voice played across the millions of TVs, all heads turned toward the screen.

10. Apple: "Sledgehammer" (1984)

This commercial introduced the world to the Macintosh. It alludes to George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, which we all probably had to read in high school.

11. McDonald’s: "Michael Jordan vs. Larry Bird" (1993)

This commercial is very unrealistic. There is no way anyone could make all of those shots. It just shows what people can accomplish if the reward is food.

12. Pepsi: "Coca-Cola Delivery Guy" (1996) 

I want to know if this really happened or if it truly is just a commercial. The fact that it’s set to “Your Cheatin’ Heart” by Hank Williams makes it that much funnier.  

13. Bud Light: “Here We Go” (2012)  

A dog that fetches you beer every time you say its name — every college student’s dream.

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With each passing year, it seems the commercials get better and better. So keep your eyes on the TV screen during Super Bowl 50 for the newest commercials.