The mask comes off in the Pretty Little Liars season finale, and Alison goes insane. 

All love and sanity is lost during the Pretty Little Liars season finale “Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars.” Hanna (Ashley Benson) signed up to be bait for new A, and the plan is in full action while all the liars are learning it is difficult to leave old love in the past. People are betrayed, there is a twin and a million more questions are made that will never be answered.

Anyway, the episode kicks off with Hanna and A-moji (A’s new name dubbed by Caleb) exchanging messages. A-moji doesn’t want the cops involved and gives Hanna one last day to get things in order before meeting. Everyone is still gunning for Sara Harvey (Dre Davis).

Toby (Keegan Allen) and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) are spending time together analyzing a map of Radley, which leads to the discovery of a secret room. They want to break in while making sure Sara Harvey can’t get to them all while elections are taking place.

Aria (Lucy Hale) and Ezra (Ian Harding) finished their book, which leads to Ezra crumbling into a puddle of tears as he accepts his ex-lover is dead and never coming back. Aria consoles him, and he thanks her for picking him up when he was knocked down — how cliché.

Alison (Sasha Pieterse) is trying to nap while hyped up on intense painkillers. She awakes to music playing from a jewelry box. That’s when the lovely Jessica DiLaurentis (Andrea Parker) makes an appearance back from the dead and disappears just as quickly. The phone rings and a women’s voice says, “Did you miss me?” — What is this, The Sixth Sense? Ugh.


But back to Pretty Little Liars. Toby tells Yvonne (Kara Royster) that he can’t make her mother’s party after the election. Yvonne isn’t too happy to find out that he’ll be spending time with Spencer instead. Meanwhile, Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) and Hanna are full speed ahead on their A-moji plan. Throwback to season two as the duo made plans at the Lost Woods Resort. 

Alison is still going crazy, but this time, she’s seeing Darren Wilden (Bryce Johnson), a police officer who was found dead in season four. She imagines waking up next to him in bed, begins screaming and ends up on the floor crying. Emily bursts in and has Alison call her husband Dr. Rollins (Huw Collins). Then Alison disappears — throwback to the first episode ever.  

Spencer and Caleb share a few last intimate moments before the plans fall into place. They hug and kiss. Spencer even blurts out her love for Caleb. They separate. And while all this happens, Alison is seeing dead people — again.

Aria and Ezra, on the other hand, have something to celebrate. The editor loved the book and is going to market it like crazy. Ezra and Aria celebrate with passionate sex. Some people apparently can’t leave the past in the past, like they should.

Apparently they are not the only ones. Hanna is flashing back to when she and Caleb broke up. Years ago, Hanna picked her job over a trip to Europe with Caleb. She left for work after a fight, and Caleb followed through with his threat to leave. Ironically, that’s where he ran into Spencer.

Later at the resort, Caleb and Hanna have another alone moment. Hanna explains after leaving that night, she jumped out of the cab, ran through the rain and returned home to a half-empty apartment. She says she never stopped loving Caleb, and he kisses her. Why can’t anyone leave the past in the past this episode?  


Spencer, who is sticking to the plan and not dwelling on the past, uses a power saw to break into the secret room in Radley with Toby. Mona (Janel Parrish) shows up and they head into the nearly empty room together. They find a file of an old patient named Mary Drake who gave birth to a child while in Radley. The child’s name is Charles, and Alison’s parents adopted Charles. … What is even going on? Why is any of this a thing? Why was it such a big secret? Why was it the only thing in the hidden room?

Craziness continues.

  • Emily finds Alison in the church Charlotte (Vanessa Ray), formerly known as Charles, was murdered in, and Alison decides to check herself into a mental institution.
  • Something went wrong with the plan and Hanna is gone.
  • Spencer’s mom won the election, and Spencer races off to the resort to find out what happened.
  • The gang looks at the video rig they set up, but they never clearly say who was caught on camera, but it sort of looked like Mrs. DiLaurentis.

Then back at Alison’s house, Wilden appears, but of course, it is a stupid mask being worn by Dr. Rollins. Then, Mrs. DiLaurentis appears, but it’s not actually her. It’s her twin sister Mary Drake, also known as Charlotte’s birth mother and Mrs. DiLaurentis’ sister. It turns out Dr. Rollins was actually in love with Charlotte, not Alison, this whole time. The big question still remains — WHO KILLED CHARLOTTE?

The liars receive a text saying “Thanks for giving me Hanna. You are free to go — A.D.”


The creepiest scene of all is Hanna’s body being dragged in the basement of the church. It looks as if there is blood all over her mouth and she is holding flowers in her hands, which looks eerily similar to Charlotte’s death scene.

Pretty Little Liars is basically a really atrocious soap opera. See you next season.