The latest 'Pretty Little Liars' episode prepares for the finale, but it isn't terribly exciting yet. 

The liars are making plans, and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) said it best — all roads lead to Radley Sanitarium. While the latest Pretty Little Liars episode “Did You Miss Me?” had some information and excitement, it was simply a set-up for next week’s finale.

Emily (Shay Mitchell) learns that Mona (Janel Parrish) did in fact call Charlotte (Vanessa Ray) the night of the murder — which everyone pretty much knew at the end of last week’s episode. In fact, Mona pretty much wanted to kill Charlotte after talking to her once she showed up, but Charlotte never showed. Mona talked to Charlotte but spent two hours sitting alone. When Emily relays the information to the others, they agree to believe her to some extent.

Alison (Sasha Pieterse) and Dr. Rollins (Huw Collins) are having a not-so-romantic honeymoon. After some alone time at a bed and breakfast, Alison falls down a flight of steps and lands herself in the hospital. It’s OK, because Hanna (Ashley Benson) gives her a visit and finds a note from A among the flowers Dr. Rollins bought Alison.


Aria (Lucy Hale) is more involved with Ezra (Ian Harding) and the novel rather than anything else this episode — it’s not like she was in a lineup and under investigation last week. They seem to be struggling a bit creatively and they have plans to meet the editor for dinner soon.

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Mona is present in the episode and, per usual, suspicions arise. She meets a man to talk and Emily sees. The man ends up being the person who was helping Sara Harvey (Dre Davis) with her hands. He was a driver and an assistant — so why is Mona meeting him?

Emily and Spencer begin following the guy, who comes out of a building holding a golden tube. To find out what’s inside of the tube, Emily decides it is best to run her car into his parked car. She panics about the crash while Spencer takes the tube and investigates. The man is holding blueprints to Radley and a key to room 193.


When everything is settled, Emily follows the man so she can see to whom he gives the tube. Then everything gets wild — it was SARA HARVEY! While it’s actually not that shocking, it’s at least exciting to get some confirmation that her hands are functional and probably strong enough to kill.

Meanwhile, Aria is still with Ezra. She realizes Ezra is writing about his ex-lover and, essentially, Aria is supposed to be the one adding her voice into the novel. It’s a tough role to fill, especially after learning Ezra left his lover on bad terms before she was killed. Ouch.

Later they go to dinner and don’t seem to be on the same page, but Ezra promises the book is going to be finished soon. Aria has to take a drink to that, but she’s definitely not the only one drinking in this episode. Spencer is going to wake up with a wine headache tomorrow.

Spencer gets home after her little investigation, and Hanna and Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) are waiting for her. Hanna goes on a long spiel about how she murdered Charlotte. She explains all the details, and while it all makes sense, it’s just a lie. Caleb explains the new A is after revenge, so if Hanna confesses, they can catch A. Caleb tells Spencer it would probably be best for her to talk to Toby (Keegan Allen) and get him on board with everything. While Emily is frantically calling Aria about the situation, Spencer flashes back to the time she spent in Madrid with Caleb.


Spencer remembers the impromptu plans and spending time together. It seems as if they were falling in love so long ago in Madrid. She’s probably scared now, seeing that Hanna and Caleb are buddy-buddy.

There is too much happening, and most of it isn’t even that exciting:

  • Lucas bought property and wants to give it to Hanna so she can start her own fashion brand. She declines for now.
  • Alison has a dream in the hospital of her mother telling her everything will be OK and that Dr. Rollins will protect her.
  • Mona encounters Sara Harvey and she tells Sara, “Leave him alone” because he is dead. What? What? Wait. What is happening? WHO IS HE?
  • Ezra points out how Aria can't even look him in the eyes, and that's when she blurts out Hanna's plan to confess.

The episode ends with Hanna texting A, “Leave my friends alone. I killed Charlotte.” A receives the message while watching something about Mrs. Hastings' campaign. It seems A has a lot of techy stuff in the A-lair.  Time to prepare for the finale. More than likely, a lot is going to go down at the Radley. 

Pretty Little Liars airs every Tuesday at 8 p.m., on Freeform.