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Post Column: Holiday movie season light on sports

I’ve always held the theory that forms of entertainment such as sports and movies are big attractions during the holiday season because people are sick of having their families around and will do anything to shut them up for a couple of hours, hence the popularity of televised sporting events and Hollywood blockbusters around December.

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Post Column: Hookah bar a place to relax, meet people

I have never once understood the allure of cigarettes. I’ve had them on several occasions, but not once have I ever considered making it a regular habit. All the cancer and birth defects talk aside, I just never liked the taste, and why would I spend seven dollars for a pack? You can spout all those health class facts, but the main dealbreaker preventing me from doing things like cigarettes or crystal meth is just the fact that it is too expensive to maintain the habit.

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Between The Lines: Non-voters have no right to complaints

Young people like to express their opinions on politics, whether in a coffee shop, among friends or especially on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. But if people did not express their views via ballot this election and they are eligible voters, they have no right to express them now.

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Between the Lines: Veterans Day ignored by students too easily

In Athens, it’s easy to get caught up in our bubble. We go throughout our days trying to keep up with classes; we tend to forget those who are fighting every day so that we have these opportunities — something to work and study for. We have one day set aside to remember and reflect those who have fallen in our nation’s extensive war history. So when a chance came to spend the day in our nation’s capital, it was impossible for each of us seven OU sophomores to say “no.”

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Post Column: Hockey and James Bond share appealing features

After bundling up for the chilly rink, investing in a $1 cup of hot chocolate and momentarily confusing Bird Arena with Bob Wren Stadium (a wren is a type of bird — it is a reasonable mistake), I settled in for my first hockey game, and it didn’t take me long to decide that I really liked hockey.

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