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Kill 'Em With Kindess: Adjustment needed after leaving hometown friends

During the weekend, I ventured back home and saw The Woman in Black. Not only was it one of the top three scariest movies I have ever seen, but also I started crying in the middle because I was so scared. Luckily, I was with four of my awesome girlfriends from home, so I wasn’t really embarrassed as much as I was terrified. After the movie we said our goodbyes and drove our separate ways, uncertain of when we will all be together again.

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That's a difference of anatomy: Have fun with dating while you're still young

Once upon a time, in an era long since forgotten (alright, it was just a few years ago in a generation inhabited by our parents), men and women casually dated multiple partners at once. They were foot-loose and fancy-free, and they lived a life of carefree bliss before finally deciding upon “the one.”

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The World Spins Madly On: Current lifestyles take a heavy toll on our planet

Although we are privileged in many ways to live in such an exciting time, we are also held accountable for many horrible things that take away from our world’s beauty. In a state of oblivion, we are wasting resources and ruining our environment. We are destroying not only our own living standards, but also the standards of millions of plants and animals with whom we share this earth.

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When in Athens, Wait, What Should I Do?: Campus-Exclusive Fashion

Since Ohio University has passed the halfway mark through Winter Quarter, most students have dropped all those silly little resolutions they begin every quarter. To name a few, I will call them “being so very organized,” “trying so hard” and “dressing to impress.”

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Face the Facts: Now, Super Bowl budget outweighs life necessities

The Super Bowl is an event that no longer needs to be introduced, unless it’s to our wallets, especially after the game last night. With wardrobe malfunctions, national anthem screw-ups, chicken wings, Madonna, beer and the best football teams and players of the United States (sorry, Cleveland), it’s not that surprising that the game has almost become the equivalent to a national holiday in America.

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Tackling the tush talk: How to approach the topic

I heard these days that the backdoor is no longer off limits for girls. I have been told that they now enjoy both anal fingering and anal sex. How do I know that a girl I’m hooking up with will like this and how do I initiate this without knowing if she’s into it or not?

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