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Alayna Steele



For a modern dance class, Ohio University students either wear socks or go totally barefoot. In modern dance, being barefoot is a way for dancers to rid stereotypes and rebel against hiding their feet inside a shoe. 


P.J. Larocco Long Island, NY

"I have a two-part tattoo on the back of both of my arms. It's a lapis which is a right side up triangle on top of an inverted triangle. it stands for a balance between extremes. The right side up one is on the back of my right arm and the inverted one is on the back of my left arm. So I just like it as a little reminder."


Max Gottesman Long Island, NY

"I used to live in Arizona for three years and every time my friend Tyler and I were together we would drink copius amounts of beer, so we decided to get matching tattoos of beer mugs but we didn't do it for a while. So last time I was down in Arizona, my friend Kit who tattoos me gave us each matching clip art-like tattoos on our legs."


Tom Lizo, Long Island, NY

"I was at a party and a friend gave me a stick and poke tattoo that said "FIDLAR." We were really drunk and she did it upside down, so the next day I got it covered up with a Neutral Milk Hotel tattoo. Now to mentally prepare myself for the cover up of the Neutral Milk Hotel tattoo, I drew around the border of where the new tattoo will be. It looks really dumb now, but it won't in a while.



Maria Minotti jumps as a part of a drill during her riding lesson at Stongate Farm in Coolville, Ohio on Tuesday, January 27, 2015. The Ohio University Equestrian Team regularly practices at the farm which is about half an hour from the university. 

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