The Athens County Sheriff’s office arrested a woman after she accidentally dialed 911.

Most connoisseurs of crime dramas would argue the first thing to do when you’re on the run from the law is to ditch the phone.

One Athens County resident should have paid closer attention.

The Athens County Sheriff’s Office received a mysterious 911 call from Millfield on Monday. When deputies headed to the residence where the call originated, they learned that the call had just been an accident, according to sheriff’s office reports.

After further investigation, sheriff’s deputies realized that the phone's owner had an active warrant for her arrest in Athens County. She was arrested and transported to Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail, according to reports.

False alarm

That wasn’t the only false alarm the sheriff’s office responded to this week.

Tuesday night, sheriff’s officers headed out to First Street Apartments in The Plains to respond to a call of an emergency light being activated at the apartment complex, according to reports.

Deputies made contact with the apartment’s owner, who said that she was fine and that her cat had activated the alarm.

Happy nap

While "food comas" often happen after eating a big meal, it’s probably not the best idea to sleep one off in a public place.

Friday, the sheriff’s office received a call from a McDonalds in The Plains about a male that could possibly be having medical problems, according to reports.

When deputies and EMS arrived at the scene, they found that the male was just sleeping in a booth.

The male refused medical treatment, but accepted a ride home from the deputies, according to reports.

Target practice

The gunshots in movies weren’t the only ones that people at Movies 10 heard Monday morning.

Sheriff’s deputies drove to Movies 10 in Nelsonville (also known as the Fun Barn) in response to a complaint from a neighbor about someone shooting a pistol on the premises.

When deputies arrived on the scene, they identified the suspect as a relative of the Fun Barn’s owners, according to reports. The relative was practicing his aim on the wood line next to the parking lot, and was determined to be a safe distance from the theatre, according to reports.

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Under the influence

The Ohio University Police Department responded to six alcohol-related calls and eight marijuana-related calls last week.


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