Athens County Sheriff's Office is investigating the alleged death of an infant.

The Athens County Sheriff's Office confirmed Wednesday on social media that a detective is investigating a Facebook post referencing a deceased infant.

The sheriff's office did not confirm exactly which post the office is investigating, but commenters pointed to a post made by an Athens resident earlier in the week.

In the Facebook post, which was made Monday night, the woman claimed she accidentally killed her infant child.

"I was drunk and jumped on the bed and she fell off and cracked her skull and died," the post reads.

It is unclear how old the child was at the time of the alleged accident. The woman also claimed the woman's brother and father allegedly buried the child while the woman was drunk.

It is unclear how old the mother was at the time of the incident, but according to the Facebook post she had the child when she was 13 years old. The post has since been deleted from Facebook.


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