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Letter: Sarah Grace attack ads are unwarranted

Obviously, this has been a particularly difficult presidential campaign season, primarily because the candidates from the two major political parties have been so clearly flawed in terms of aspects of their character. Further, I have noted with dismay recent attack ads by the Republican party attempting to besmirch Sarah Grace’s character. This is the reason that I feel compelled to contribute this letter. I hope that this can in some way shed some light on the true character of Sarah Grace, candidate for state representative.

I have known Sarah Grace for 22 years. We met as students at Ohio University, and while we both left Athens, like many OU students before us, we have returned to establish our careers and raise our families. In my experience, I’ve found that you can learn a lot about a person’s character by observing the relationship she has with her children. Sarah has always impressed me as a mother. She goes out of her way to ensure that her children not only have a great relationship with her, but also a great environment to learn and grow in. I have watched her older two children grow under her guidance into fine young people. They have been taught the highest values and principles, and they put these into practice.

Sarah has always cared deeply for her community. She has volunteered her time and effort to improve education for all of our children. She truly cares for the people in our community. She is patient and willing to listen to all points of view, and, unlike many politicians, she is able and willing to alter her position if there is a solid reason to do so. She is not an ideologue beholden to a particular political party, and that will allow her to work effectively with Democrats, Republicans and independents in Columbus. Finally, Sarah is intelligent, curious, and studious. She has researched the issues affecting both Southeastern Ohio and the state, as a whole. Because she is knowledgeable about the issues and a forthright individual, she is able and willing to go on the record providing her honest beliefs about these issues.

If the character of your representative in Columbus is important to you, I assure you, you can do no better than Sarah Grace. Thank you for your consideration.

Dr. Christopher D. Kacir is a three-time graduate of Ohio University and a citizen of Athens, Ohio.

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