Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette has been full of people who are confident and speak their mind. Leading the pack of men in assertion is Peter. He has been a frontrunner since week two, but he and Rachel haven’t seen eye-to-eye on their endgame. That problem came to a head during Monday's episode, when Peter told Rachel he might not propose at the end of the show. Here is how Peter is screwing up his chance with Rachel:

1. He's too in his head

Peter is logical when it comes to his relationship with Rachel. He is a person that needs evidence and can’t act on his feelings. Though he said he was “falling in love” with Rachel, he never seems to really mean it. He comes off as a detached person who needs to be 100 percent sure of something before he acts on it. Love isn’t that way, buddy. Sometimes you have to let yourself fall to figure out how you really feel.

Peter’s downfall is going to be his cold approach to situations. He needs to open up a little more and be vulnerable. It must be hard on live television, but other men are progressing — and Peter is missing a shot at a good life with Rachel.

2. He wants to be engaged — but not right now

After meeting Rachel’s parents in Dallas, the two saw each other in Spain, where Rachel’s journey will come to an end in two weeks. While there, the two drank wine and even made their own. It seemed like everything was going great — until Peter said he couldn’t see himself proposing in two weeks.

Peter told Rachel that he wants to be engaged once and wants to be sure Rachel is the right one. That means he would want to date after the show and not be engaged. Rachel said she wants to be engaged, but she wants to continue to get to know her fiancé during the engagement. That didn’t cut it for Peter. He said he could see himself engaged to Rachel, but only after they date for a little while.

OK, that does not make sense. He could see him being engaged to her, but not in two weeks. If the endgame of them dating is engagement, they why wait? Put a ring on that finger, Peter, and stop playing around.

3. He isn't fighting for her

During their discussion, it was easy to tell Peter was slipping through Rachel’s fingers.

“I was hopeful for what Peter and I can be, but now I just don’t see it,” Rachel said.

Neither of them knew what to say. It looked like Rachel wanted reassurance from Peter, but he just said he doesn’t know what the common ground is in this situation. He isn’t trying. If he wants to take this seriously, he needs to fight for Rachel because she deserves to be fought for. If not, Peter is going home without a rose on his suit.

“It’s absolutely devastating,” Rachel said at the end of the episode Monday. “Tonight, for the first time ever, I’m thinking Peter and I can’t work out.”

The Bachelorette airs every Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC.



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