The days of being strained for character space on Twitter may be over. 

On Tuesday, Twitter announced it is doubling the character limit of 140 to 280 characters for a small group of users, as a trial run.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey unveiled the possible change with an example of what a tweet would look like with the longer character limit.

In typical Twitter fashion, the news prompted some interesting reactions from the site’s users. 

According to a Twitter blog, Aliza Rosen, a product manager for Twitter, said when she tweets in English, she quickly comes to the 140 limit. But Ikuhiro Ihara, a senior software engineer for Twitter, said he doesn’t have this problem. Those who speak Japanese, Korean and Chinese can write about twice as much of the information in one character than any other language.

In that blog post, it was also mentioned that there shouldn’t be a need to cram thoughts into one tweet or remove an important word. Twitter is hoping this change will create an increase of users engaging with the social media platform.

This new feature will begin with a test group, according to USA Today. There will be a random selection of Twitter users who will be able to have longer tweets.

Those who have been tweeting since the beginning are slightly upset that this change might be happening: