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Check out these one-credit classes at OU.

10 one-credit classes to take at Ohio University

Scheduling for classes can be stressful. Sometimes, students can't get into the courses they need to take, or they need to find random classes to fill up their schedules. Here are some one-credit hour classes that can be added to your course shopping cart.

While taking the average number of credit hours each semester, you can opt to take an extra class that is one-credit hour to help boost your GPA or even add some fun in between classes that may be stressful.

ASTR 1400 — Observational Astronomy Laboratory

In the course, students will gain experience with telescopes and pinpointing stars, planets and other deep-sky objects within the night sky. The course also covers constellations, lunar cycles, eclipses and more. 

DANC 1020 — Intro to Dance Ballet

For those seeking to learn a new dance technique, this introductory ballet course focuses on the basic movement vocabulary and style of classical ballet technique. Students will learn about the proper body alignment and placement, feet and arm positions, and movement combinations that are apparent in ballet.

DANC 3304 — Yoga: Principles and Practice

This course offers an an introduction to yoga, including poses, sequences and breathing techniques, and the readings and in-class discussions will provide the history and philosophy of yoga. No experience is needed to be in the class.

PAW 1003 — Weight Training

Students will gain the knowledge and skills to attain and maintain personal health and wellness in this course and also learn the history, safety and etiquette of weight training.

PAW 1113 — Netball

This course introduces students to the sport of netball, which evolved from basketball and is played internationally. It is played using a free-standing hoop on a court that is divided into three sections in a seven-versus-seven setting.

PAW 1114 — Jokgu

Students will learn the sport of Jokgu, which originated in South Korea, is a combination of soccer and volleyball, and is played on a tennis or badminton court with a net low to the ground — similar to those used in tennis — using no hands.

PAW 1206 — Bowling

The class meets at Rollerbowl Lanes, 28 Palmer St., and is designed to help students gain the knowledge of the rules, history, safety and etiquette of bowling. 

REC 1000 — Wilderness Living Skills

Students will learn basic backpacking skills to practice safety on outdoor trips and enhance personal enjoyment of the outdoors and conservation of wild areas. 

REC 1141 — Whitewater Kayaking

In this class, students will learn the basic skills, knowledge and safety of whitewater kayaking.

UC 1101 — Time Management and Test Taking Skills

This course concentrates on teaching students how to manage their time and prepare for and taking examinations.

Happy scheduling!


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