It’s the end of week 12 of fall semester. Thanksgiving is next week, and you probably need a good dose of fun news. Here’s a look of some good things from the week: 

Man finds car after he lost it 20 years ago 

A German man’s car was returned to him 20 years after he lost it, proving you really can just misplace things. 

Metro reported the 76-year-old man was driven by police to be reunited with his car after it was reported stolen in 1997. 

“The car can no longer be driven and will be sent to the scrap heap,” authorities said. 

Miracles can happen. 

Tony the hippo gives Fiona some stiff competition for America’s sweetheart

The San Diego Zoo announced the birth of Tony the hippo in September, and he’s starting to win over social media.

Dogs in leotards are taking over

You should just watch this. It will make you laugh. There are dogs, and they are wearing leotards.



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