Who would’ve thought Arie’s season of The Bachelor would go from boring to interesting in a few episodes. Tuesday’s episode was all about Krystal, the attention-seeking fitness coach who is out to start drama. In a single episode, she managed to force her way into conversations, start a mini-fight with two of the girls and talk bad about other girls to Arie — and she STILL got a rose. Here is why Krystal didn’t deserve it on Tuesday’s episode of The Bachelor

Krystal is an attention seeker 

On a group date in the wilderness, Krystal was frustrated by the women who were trying hard to get Arie’s attention. This is also called jealousy. *cough cough*

“Honestly, part of me just looks around and sees all of the desperation,” Krystal said. 

She’s just mad all of the other girls are getting more attention, and Caroline points that out. 

“Takes your lips off his ass,” Caroline said. 

She is always talking

Let’s start a new drinking game, Bachelor Nation. Every time Krystal says something motivational or interrupts another woman during a conversation, take a drink. Participants will probably be drunk in the first half hour. 

She interrupted so many women Tuesday. After Kendall came back from talking to Arie, the women wanted to know how it went. Well all of them except one. 

Krystal butt in with her own outlook on the day: “I found it very challenging being on such a large group date.”

Oh my goodness. It is so hard to listen to this woman talk about herself. Tia put it best:

She thinks she’s all that

The whole time she was with the women on the group date, Krystal would not stop bringing up her one-on-one with Arie. Like, come on. That was week two. Sure she met his parents, but Raven Gates met Nick Viall’s parents and we all know how that turned out. 

Krystal also called herself flawless. I hate to be the one to break it to her, but no one is flawless. And she always talks about her job feeding the homeless. It’s cool and all, but she’s just coming across as very ingenuine. 

“No one wants to be around her. She’s fake,” Caroline said.

Krystal is looking to start fights

In her personal time with Arie, Krystal sat and talked about how Tia and Caroline hurt her feelings by making silly faces at her. And she thinks they’re immature?!

After their one-on-one time, Krystal approaches Tia and Caroline to talk to them — and they were not having it. 

“Please don’t play the victim right now,” Tia said. “When people are doing better than you, you bleeping break down.” 

Have I mentioned she seeks attention?

Arie decided to not have a cocktail party before the rose ceremony, but that didn’t stop Krystal from interrupting Arie and asking for a moment of his time. Oh my god, not this again. 

She literally just repeated herself and didn’t say anything worthwhile. What was the point? But she still got a rose and Caroline was left without. 

“People like Krystal need to go home,” Caroline said. 


The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.