Six Ohio University residence halls will receive updates beginning summer 2018. 

Some major projects include Bromley Hall’s infrastructure renovation and Washington Hall’s renovation. Other smaller projects include roof "rehabilitation" on Tiffin and Perkins halls, restroom renovations in Bryan and Pickering halls, and waterproofing Adams Hall. 

Washington Hall renovations will replace the heating and cooling piping and plumbing. The renovations will also add more study spaces, Greg Robertson, associate vice president for Architecture, Design and Construction, said. 

Jordan Hill, a freshman Washington Hall resident studying music production, said the heating and cooling updates are long overdue.

“Some of the air conditioners don’t go below 70 degrees, and some of the windows don’t open,” Hill said.

The project has a budget of $5.7 million. Construction is projected to begin in August and will continue into winter 2019, Robertson said. 

During construction on Washington Hall, students will not be able to live in the residence hall. 

“We will be using other dorms around campus to serve all the students,” Robertson said in an email.

Another major project is the infrastructure updates to Bromley Hall. The project has a $7.5 million budget, and construction will take 12 to 16 months to complete. Construction is set to begin this summer. 

Robertson said the residence hall will be closed during summer 2019. 

“During that portion of work, no one may be in Bromley, and we will make arrangements for people working in the building,” Robertson said in an email. 

Students should be able to return to Bromley Hall in fall 2019. 

The Adams Hall update will waterproof the building. The project is expected to be completed this summer before students return for Fall semester and has a budget of $500,000.

Tiffin and Perkins halls will undergo a roof "rehabilitation" project this summer. The rehabilitation will begin in May and will finish in August before students arrive for Fall Semester, Robertson said. The projects have a total budget of $2.8 million. 

Bryan and Pickering halls will receive restroom upgrades this summer. All the halls’ restrooms will be updated, and Bryan will receive three single-user restrooms. The projects will be completed before the beginning of Fall Semester and have a total budget of $3.6 million. 


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