When Anthony Eliopoulos was younger, he would beg his parents to let him stay up late to watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. When he came to campus, he joined the Ohio University College Democrats. 

After serving as the organization’s vice president during the 2016 election and taking on the role of communications director for College Democrats of Ohio this year, Eliopoulos is running for president of the organization. 

Additionally, he thinks his experience this past summer in Washington, D.C. — where he worked with other college Democrats about how to get more students involved on campus — pushed him to run for the position. 

“I decided to run because I think I’m ready to lead this organization,” Eliopoulos said in an email. “College Democrats have a strong voice within the party, but we can have a stronger one if we show that we are able to organize and help get Democrats and progressives elected, more so than we already have.”

Eliopoulos, a senior studying political science and strategic communication, is running on the “CDO United” slate with six other people from different Ohio colleges. The slate’s main goal is motivating college students to vote for Democratic candidates in the upcoming state elections and “bring a legislative end to the Trump Presidency,” the website states. 

“CDO United” also has a seven-point initiative in which each member of the team created an original or improved idea. Eliopoulos’ idea focused on “a newly visioned video series to spark conversation.” He thinks putting a heavier focus on video production will allow the members of College Democrats of Ohio to share their ideas.

“It all starts with communication, and CDO can be the catalyst to start the conversation," he said in a statement on the website.

Additionally, Eliopoulos, who also serves as an at-large senator for OU Student Senate, hopes to help chapters that may be struggling with funding and membership. College Democrats of Ohio has 22 chapters.

“There is a lot of opportunity for engagement, even if chapters are in a red county,” he said in an email. “The trick is knowing how to effectively organize on that campus and connect it with community leaders.”

Sam Miller, a senior studying strategic communication, has worked closely with Eliopoulos. She was president of OUCD while he was vice president, and they have also served on the College Democrats of Ohio executive board together. 

“Working with him in OU College Democrats and in College Democrats of Ohio, I have always know I can rely on him for anything,” Miller, who serves on The Post Publishing Board, said. “He is compassionate, understanding and is always willing to go the extra mile. I’m so excited to see him run for this new role.”

Ashley Fishwick, OUCD's president, also said Eliopoulos is hardworking and has the ability to mobilize people. 

“This year, he’s not on the exec. board of OU College Dems chapter, but we’ll need to host an event and he’ll offer up his house or he’ll come to tabling,” she said. “He’s just always there trying to put in the work it takes.”

Eliopoulos said he has always looked for ways to challenge himself, which is why he is running for the position. He thinks there are a lot of students in college who feel alienated by the Democratic Party. 

“I want to fix that,” he said. “Doing so won’t be easy, but I think if we’re willing to recognize that as a problem, we can begin to have those conversations about how to unify together as one party.”



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