It is Friday once more. Thursday was National Margarita Day, and despite the cold, many people at Ohio University probably celebrated accordingly. There are just 15 days left until spring break, and incessant rain is passing through Athens once again. Here is some fun news to give you a laugh on this rainy day.

KFC chicken shortage 

It would seem the distance between Kentucky and the United Kingdom proved too far for Kentucky Fried Chicken this week. According to a report from ABC News, about 470 of the UK’s 900 KFC locations had to remain closed on Tuesday because of a chicken shortage. Those that were open operated on shortened hours and with limited menus.

The company was experiencing inventory problems after changing its delivery provider to DHL, the report said. Supposedly, they were warned that the problems would occur and still made the switch.

“This one is going to be a case study for business schools for years to come, it is really major,” Malory Davies, editor of the trade journal Logistics Manager, told The Guardian

In-flight farts and fights

En route from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to Amsterdam, a Transavia Airlines Flight was forced to land in Vienna when a fight broke out because a passenger refused to stop passing gas, according to Fox News. The two men sitting beside the passenger repeatedly asked him to stop and attempted to get the flight attendants involved in the problem when the fight broke out. The two men, as well as two women sitting in the same row, were forced off the plane. 

One of the women who was removed, Nora Lacchab, said she and her sister simply had the bad luck of sitting in the same row as the instigators, but mentioned that the flight staff were the ones who truly provoked the fight. The two women are now taking the airline to court, HuffPost said. 

Divers find undetonated bomb in Sydney harbor

Australian divers Tony Strazzari and Paul Szerenga regularly go looking for glass bottles in the Sydney Harbour. Instead, they pulled out an interesting World War II-era souvenir. 

"I reached in and felt something heavy and pulled it out and it was a bomb," Strazzari told the Newcastle Herald

Rather than leave the bomb at the bottom, he tucked it into his diving gear and proceeded to call the police. 

"We sat there and coddled it up so no one got worried. One man did ask what it was and when I told him it was a bomb he just shrugged and walked off,” Strazzari said.

Police called military authorities and the bomb was seized. 


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