After telling both women he loved them last week, Arie proposed to one woman — and went back to the runner-up in the first part of The Bachelor finale. Arie proposed to Becca K. but cameras followed him after the proposal to break up with her to attempt to go back to Lauren B. In one episode, Arie became the most controversial Bachelor in the history of the show. Here’s how the whole thing went down from beginning to end:

Arie’s family met the final two women

Arie’s family came to Peru to meet Lauren B. and Becca K., and both of them were pressed with hard questions.

Lauren’s visit was first, and she was extremely nervous. Arie did his normal thing where he constantly reassured her. On the plus side, she has said more in 15 minutes than the entire season.  

Lauren talked to the whole family and even opened up to them to talk about her fears of losing Arie. 

“I would think she’s the one, but maybe tomorrow we’ll think Becca’s the one,” Arie’s mom said.

Arie’s family liked Lauren so much that they couldn’t stop bringing her up in their time with Becca. His dad admitted it was going to be difficult to not compare Becca to Lauren. 

“Arie picked two wonderful girls,” Arie’s dad said.

And Becca’s confessional to the camera was how we all feel when a person we like won’t stop talking about their ex: “If I have to hear about Lauren one more time, I’m going to lose it.”

In the end, his family ultimately told Arie that Becca is the woman for him. She definitely is the most interesting of the two, and they make a very good-looking couple. 

Arie had conflicting feelings

On his date with Lauren, they took a private train ride to Machu Picchu. 

“This could be my last date with Arie before I’m an engaged woman,” Lauren said.

Arie talked about how much he likes Lauren and how he can see a future with her, but there is still a hint of doubt. 

“It’s crazy to think I could say goodbye to someone like that,” Arie said.

On his date with Becca, Arie’s conflicting feelings arose because he realizes he couldn’t picture a life without either women. He said a relationship with Becca would work, but he also loves Lauren. 

Lauren was the first to arrive

In the mountains of Peru, Lauren stepped out of a clack car to learn her fate. She was the first one to arrive, so all of Bachelor Nation knew she wouldn’t be getting the final rose let alone an engagement.

Arie could barely look at her while she gushed about him. 

“You’re the one I’ve been looking for my whole life,” Lauren said.

Arie’s response was less than sensitive. 

“I wanted it so bad for us, but there was something that was holding me back. And I can’t go through with it,” Arie said.

When Arie walked her to the car, she asks why he did that and he said he didn’t fully decide until that morning. Both of them exchanged “I love yous” before Lauren said how she really felt in the car.

“How could you get down on one knee if you weren’t sure till three hours ago,” Lauren said. “I feel like he chose the easier route.”

The proposal

Becca walked down in a gorgeous black dress and looked classy as usual. Some alpacas watched as Arie professed his love and got down on one knee. 

“You’ve given me so much confidence along the way,” Arie said. “Because of that, my love for you is immeasurable.”

Becca was the first date, and now she had the final rose. But in the few minutes of the proposal, the head of the rose fell off. Talk about major foreshadowing. 

The most dramatic thing happened — seriously

After the proposal, viewers got a glimpse into the shared life of Arie and Becca. They seemed extremely happy, but as Arie narrated his time as an engaged man, it was easy to see he wasn’t totally happy. 

“I go to bed and I think about Lauren. I wake up and I think about Lauren,” Arie said. “I really feel like I made a mistake.”

He made this decision and told Chris Harrison and a camera crew before telling his fiancee. He took the camera crew to a home in Los Angeles where Becca was waiting for him. She didn’t know that Arie was about to break up with her. 

In the completely unedited version of the show, two cameras watched as Arie told his fiancee his true feelings. 

“The reality of it is that being with you although that it has been everything that I wanted, I still think about her,” Arie said to Becca.

Becca was obviously confused and furious. She told him if he wasn’t sure who he loved more then he shouldn’t have proposed. After she told him to leave at least three times, Arie still stuck around and tried to console her, but all of it seemed so shallow. 

The whole thing was for the show. Arie did not seem to care about Becca’s feelings at all. He literally drug a camera crew to break up with her on television. That is the worst thing a person can do. He is going down in Bachelor history as one of the most-hated showrunners — and for good reason. 

Part two of The Bachelor finale will air Tuesday at 8 p.m. on ABC.