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Senior Bucket List: 15 underrated things to do before you graduate

For seniors who are graduating, the next few weeks might be both the most exciting and nerve-wracking time of your life. You are leaving beloved Athens for who knows how long, and you probably want to try to fit in all of your favorite things before you go. Don’t fret — we made it easy for you with this list of 15 things to do before you graduate. 

1. Go to a new restaurant

Of course, you’re going to want to hit the classics — Union Street Diner, Big Mamma’s Burritos, etc. However, don’t forget to try some of those restaurants that are lesser-known before you lose the chance. Places like Purple Chopstix, Zoe and Salaam are great places to try before you go. 

2. Act like a kid at the Movies 10 and Fun Barn

It’s an Athens staple. You can see a cheap movie and run around an arcade with your friends before you all have to go act like “real” adults. 

3. Drink at an unusual bar special 

If you frequent Uptown often, you probably are already planning on hitting the basic specials night like liquor pitchers and slice night. But, maybe stop by a special you don’t usually hit like $1 beers at The Union Bar and Grill on Mondays or progressive Fridays at Cat’s Eye saloon. 

4. Look at Dirty South 

Whether you lived there or not, take a stroll back in the depths of South Green and feel like a wide-eyed freshman again ready to take on the world. 

5. Check out some art 

The campus has tons of awesome art galleries and shows that might not be on your regular radar, so definitely stop by one or two before you graduate such as Trisolini Gallery, the Kennedy Art Museum or the Dairy Barn Arts Center. 

6. Race up Jeff Hill

If you ever have frequented the east side of campus, you probably spent a lot of time dreading the walk up Jeff Hill. But now you’re leaving, so it’s time to bask in it one last time. Race up it with your friends and watch people look at you like you’re completely insane. You probably won’t ever see them again, anyway. 

7. Go to class

You might be tempted to skip a class or two in your finals weeks because of stress, a hangover from going out multiple nights a week or just the fact that you’re completely over it. But you don’t have that much longer, so maybe take some time to enjoy your lecture courses and the tiny desks that come with them. You’ll wish you did later. 

8. Relax at the dog shelter

Head to the Athens County Dog Shelter or the Athens County Humane Society and de-stress from finals while running around with some pups.

9. Actually bike or run on the bike path and enjoy the Hocking River

Seriously, take advantage of the beautiful scenery by making yourself do a little bit of exercise on the bike path. It won’t be there forever. 

10. Spend a Saturday at the Farmers Market

Make yourself wake up a little bit early and saunter around the Athens Farmers Market. It’s a great way to get to know different people in the Athens area and snag some fresh produce. 

11. Do that mini golf course at The Ridges

It's the Putt People First Miniature Golf Course. It's punny and you’re graduating. Why not? 

12. Get coffee with a friend

It sounds cliche, but sometimes it’s nice to slow down and spend some time catching up with an old friend. The end of the year can get hectic, and it can be a great stress relief. 

13. Take a seat at a brewery

Take a trip to Little Fish Brewing Company or Devil’s Kettle Brewing and grab a pint with friends. It can also be much more relaxing than running from bar-to-bar on Court Street. 

14. Go to a dining hall

Relieve your glory days and get an underclassman to swipe you into Shively or Nelson halls. It might not taste great, but it’ll give you a heavy dose of nostalgia. 

15. Actually pick up The Post

Maybe we’re biased, but if you’ve never picked up our student-run newspaper, you probably should at least once before you go. 


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