Virginia is for lovers — and drama on The Bachelorette. As the contestants headed to Richmond, Virginia, in Monday’s episode, the trouble from the previous episode followed. Chris continued to show his true colors, which led to his downfall. The episode was very predictable, but in a good way. Here’s what went down:

Lincoln and Chris fought kindergarten style

The episode started off rough. Chris was making statements about wanting to go on a two-on-one, which is absolutely bonkers. It probably would have been a Kenny and Lee-like two-on-one, and that was hard enough to watch the first time. Lincoln called him out on it, and Chris said if Lincoln was on it with him, it would be easy for him.

“It’s like dumb and dumber, and I don’t know which one is which,” Garrett said.

The pettiness went into the group date when Chris and Lincoln tried to throw each other under the bus during a mock debate. Becca was obviously fed up with it all. 

“I don’t want to feel like I am back in elementary school,” Becca said. 

Jason succeeded on his date, which is not shocking

Jason is the breakout man of this season. He has proved time and time again that he is here for Becca, even when she forgets his name

Becca took Jason on a date full of surprises. It ended with his friends, who Becca invited, sitting in a bar waiting for the cute couple. 

“For her to be that thoughtful … is a moment I’ll never forget,” Jason said.

Becca and Jason would be the perfect couple. Not only do they look good together, they have plenty of chemistry. 

“After tonight, I can definitely see me saying ‘Yes’ to a forever with him,” Becca said.

If he doesn’t at least make it to fantasy suites, Bachelor Nation will be flabbergasted. Then again, he would be the best choice for The Bachelor

Leo came out on top

For the entirety of the season, Leo has flown under the radar. He is the true underdog, but Becca seems to take a liking to him. 

Becca was emotionally drained from the Chris-Lincoln drama that she felt she wasn’t giving her full attention to Leo. The one-on-one was not looking good in the beginning, but it got better when Leo assured her she doesn’t always have to be happy.

After that, him and Becca shucked oysters. The date led him to a rose for the final six.

“What I see in front of me is such a standup amazing guy, and I don’t ever want you to question that,” Becca said.

Chris put the final nail in his coffin

Upon Leo’s return, Chris went to Becca’s room to talk to her. It was so fresh off the date that she hadn’t even changed out of her shimmery silver, black and sheer dress. 

Chris didn’t like the what Lincoln said of him, and said Becca shouldn’t trust a person who eats 12 eggs a day.

“His cholesterol has to be 6,000,” Chris said. The bombastic statement was so ridiculous it was the most memorable line of the night.

Chris also said he “strongly believes” in his relationship with Becca and that he could see himself marrying her. OK, whoa. He has to slow down before she sends him home. 

Well, too late. That’s exactly what she did. Good riddance. It’s going to be interesting seeing him on the Men Tell All. 

The Rose Ceremony

Becca’s roses went to Colton, Garrett and Wills, which was not surprising. That left Connor, who was most memorable for throwing Lincoln’s photo in the second episode, and Lincoln. Connor will likely be on the Men Tell All, but it’s doubtful Lincoln will be there following his assault conviction

With hometowns right around the corner, it’s unclear who will end up on one knee at the end of this. 

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC


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