Bachelorette Becca Kufrin picked her final four men Monday for hometown dates. After an emotional goodbye to Leo and Wills, she decided she wanted to meet Colton, Jason, Blake and Garrett’s families. With only a few more weeks in the reality dating show, three people will leave alone and one could end up on one knee with a Neil Lane ring in hand. Here’s the men from least likely to most likely to get the final rose:

4. Colton

Becca and Colton have obvious chemistry, and that was even more apparent in Monday’s episode despite Colton announcing that he’s a virgin. Becca has asked for 100 percent honesty from the men, and she’s gotten that out of Colton, but there’s still something off about him. 

Colton dated one of Becca’s good friends from Arie’s season of The Bachelor. It’s hard to believe that doesn’t weigh heavy on Becca’s mind. There has been a vibe that Colton is just not genuine in what he does. And looking at the promo for next week, it seems like Tia, the aforementioned ex, has some more news for Becca regarding Colton. 

Colton also has to get ready for Bachelor in Paradise, so there’s no way he makes it past hometowns.

3. Jason

Jason is a good looking, down-to-Earth man who needs to be the next Bachelor. Him and Becca look good together and they appear to connect emotionally, but she doesn't seem as into him as the other two guys. 

Going home right after Fantasy Suites would give Jason enough time to decide if he wants to be the next Bachelor, which he would be fantastic at. Ben Higgins was also a super normal guy who came in third and became the Bachelor. It just makes sense. But let’s hope it works out better for Jason than it did for Ben.

2. Blake

Blake has come a long way since first meeting Becca on “After The Final Rose.” Blake was the first person to drop the “l-word,” and that love is visible to the millions of people who watch the show. 

But it feels like The Bachelorette is setting it up for another Peter situation

The downfall of this one will be of epic proportions because Becca said she’s in love with him too. Not to his face of course. That would cause a lot of problems, like Ben did on his season. No, Blake is going to be blindsided. Especially after Becca said this: “I do feel the most strongly for him.”

If he isn’t the final pick, it’s going to be hard for him to go back and watch that. 

1. Garrett

He got the first impression rose. He’s great with Becca. He’s easy on the eyes. There is not much to hate about Garrett being with Becca. 

Yes, he experienced a lot of social media backlash from liking offensive posts on Instagram. But setting all of that aside, Garrett is the obvious choice for Becca. He brings out something in her that the other men haven’t. They have fun together, and their energetic love is infectious. 

Garrett would be the perfect choice for Becca, but only time will tell if she chooses to say yes to an engagement. 

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.


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