Incoming freshmen were greeted with a host of new dining options this fall following a summer renovation of Shively Court. 

The dining hall was given a "front-of-house" refresh, university Spokesman Jim Sabin said. The renovations cost $1.8 million and were entirely funded by Culinary Services. 

The redesign also includes expanded menu options. Those new options include Mexican-style street food and more vegetarian and vegan options. 

Lizzie Shuga, an undecided freshman, hasn’t been eating meat recently but says there are still plenty of options available.

“I don’t think it’s hard to find food to eat,” Shuga said.

While sandwich and sub options are still available inside Shively Court, they are no longer at Shively Grab 'N Go. Instead, Culinary Services offers a Mexican-style street food concept. 

Culinary Services decided to be “on-trend” by offering Mexican-style street food with flour tortillas made from scratch in front of customers, Sabin said.

The Culinary Services Advisory Committee, a student focus group, was involved in the decision to make those changes. 

The salad bar has also been redesigned and expanded to include an assortment of vegan and hot and cold vegetarian items, Sabin said.

Emma Allenson, an undecided freshman, is a vegetarian and said she thinks there still aren’t that many options.

“It’s not at the level of Boyd, but it’s still pretty good,” Allenson said. 

The list of daily food options is available at Culinary Services’ website, and vegetarian and vegan options are notated.