Student Senate will have two presentations and appoint three new senators at the meeting Wednesday.

Gigi Secuban, Ohio University’s vice president for Diversity and Inclusion, will present her role and what it entails as well as some of her goals for this year. Dr. Secuban will also discuss Student Senate members about how they can actively help with those goals.

Anna Casteel, student health insurance administrator, will give a presentation about student health insurance policy.

“Casteel will talk specifically about the difference between domestic and international insurance policies, and clear up some of the ‘misconceptions,’” said Alicia Lundy-Morse, Student Senate chief of staff. “some general discussion about the survey and our current student insurance policies, and then opening the floor up to questions.”

The resolutions will appoint Camden Gilreath as a Senate Appropriations Senator, Vicky Swift as Scripps College Senator and Temiloluwa Olubakinde as the College of Business Senator for the duration of the 2018-2019 academic year.