The start of the New Year has arrived, and it’s time to make your resolutions. Don’t go with the basic resolutions of losing weight and eating healthier because those are easier said than done. Instead of setting yourself up to fail, try these resolutions to mix it up and motivate yourself through 2019:

Meet new people — they have so much to offer. Step out of your comfort zone and join new clubs and organizations at Ohio University at the start of the new semester. Learn about different cultures and immerse yourself in new, enriching experiences. You may just meet your new best friend in the process. 

Stay organized. Make it a goal to clean your dorm room more often and stay on top of your school work by keeping a planner. You’ll find yourself feeling more accomplished after checking off each assignment. Pro tip: color coding your planner makes it even more fun and aesthetically pleasing.

Take your workouts to the next level. Most people say they’re going to start working out at the start of the new year. They buy a gym membership, go once or twice, and then they never step foot in the gym again. Instead of getting into an exercise rut, look into yoga, Zumba and dance classes to spice up your workouts. Ping Recreation Center holds weekly group fitness classes which include cardio dance, HIIT, boxing and cycling. Athens Yoga, 77 ½ E. State St., also holds classes daily for all experience levels. 

Practice self care regularly. Take a few minutes out of every day to treat yourself. Read a good book, take a bubble bath, or eat your favorite snack to decompress after a long day. It’ll improve your mental and physical health in the long run. Taking fitness classes such as those mentioned above can also serve as a great distressor. Listen to this podcast from The Post to learn about ways to deal with stress in college. 

Don’t rely on your phone as much. College students spend an average of eight to 10 hours on their phones each day. When you go to check your phone, ask yourself why you’re picking it up. If it’s just to scroll through the same Instagram posts you’ve already seen, then just don’t pick it up. People miss so much happening around them while on their phones. Make it a goal this year to live in the moment and not on the Internet. 

Expand your musical horizons. Ask your friends to make you playlists on Spotify of their favorite songs and do the same for them. There are so many artists and songs waiting for you to discover them. Find a new song once a day or week. To get you started, here are some of the best albums of 2018 from The Post

Create a happiness jar. Write down one thing that made you happy every day in 2019. Even on bad days, you can still say that you had a good cup of coffee or talked to your mom for a few minutes on the phone. Put them in a container, and at the start of 2020, look back at all the happy memories you made.