Monday’s episode of Steven Universe kept the show’s fun and heart, while also setting up for something big.

Within the first minute, Steven (Zach Callison) is introduced to the Pebbles (Susan Egan), whose appearance matches their name. The Pebbles are a race of small and incredibly adorable creatures who aim to fulfill all of Pink Diamond (Egan)’s — and now Steven’s — wishes. Despite their penchant for mischief, the world desperately needs plush versions of these cute and cuddly creatures now.

Steven then makes quick visits to both Yellow (Patti LuPone) and Blue Diamond (Lisa Hannigan), in an elaborate sauna and pool, respectively. Along the way, he is escorted by Pearl (Deedee Magno), and tries to interact with a number of statuesque servants to the Diamonds, to no avail.

Although his meetings with the Diamonds are friendly, Steven becomes frustrated at only being able to get out “two and a half” words to White Diamond (Christine Ebersole) in the previous episode. As characters tend to do in Steven Universe when confronted with a confounding problem, Steven breaks out in song and is joined by a chorus of Pebbles.

In the song “Familiar,” which shares the episode’s title, Steven notes similarities between his own growth on Earth and the problems he now faces on Homeworld. Despite the alien planet, Steven shows his optimism at being able to bring everyone together, much like he was able to with his friends and family down on Earth. “I’ll sway them with a joke or with a song,” sings Steven. “And maybe that’ll help us get along.”

Determined to break through to White Diamond, Steven plans to have a royal ball where everyone, including White Diamond herself, will gather, as he explains to Pearl and the other Crystal Gems. For the ball, he enlists the Pebbles’ help in making a dress similar to Pink Diamond’s, which looks both hilarious and fabulous on him.

Whether Steven’s plan will work or not remains to be seen. “Familiar” acts as a prelude leading up to the finale, setting in place new locations and characters, the Crystal Gems’ new plan, and even Steven’s beautiful new dress. Though it doesn’t stand much on its own, it maintains that even an alien planet won’t stop Steven’s humor and positivity.

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Steven Universe airs Mondays at 7:30 p.m. on Cartoon Network.