Student Senate will be looking to pass a bill to oppose the move of the Athens County Board of Elections at Wednesday’s meeting.

Alicia Lundy-Morse, chief of staff, said in an email Student Senate is voting to oppose the move since it will decrease student voter turnout and will be out of the sight of students.

“The (Board of Elections) right now is somewhere students walk by almost every day uptown but it moving to Stimson will decrease the visibility which will decrease student voters,” Lundy-Morse said in an email. 

This is one of four bills and three resolutions that will be discussed at the meeting.

A bill to set the precedent of a yearly presentation to the Board of Trustees. President Maddie Sloat will present at a Board of Trustees meeting at least once a year to represent the student voice and update them on Student Senate’s progress.

Another bill will support an autonomous constitutional process for Student Senate. If an administration were to change the constitution, they would not need the Board of Trustees to vote on it but rather just the student and Student Senate body, Lundy-Morse said in an email.

The last bill will be in response to the fourth national climate assessment.

Two resolutions will vote to appoint Richard Danylo to the Senate Appropriations Commission and Lillian Mattimoe to University Life Commission as senators. 

The last resolution will update the rules and procedures after the Judicial Panel met with the Commissioner of Governmental Affairs and the director of Alumni Relations to discuss changes that must be made.

There will also be two presentations at the meeting. delfin bautstia, director of the LGBT Center, will be discussing the progress from the LGBT Center this year and how Senate can help collaborate with them. 

Sloat, Vice President Hannah Burke and Lundy-Morse will present their findings from the recent Ohio Student Government Association (OSGA) conference they attended last weekend. The presentation will review topics covered in the conference and what they discussed with other student governments in Ohio.


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