In Thursday’s episode of Supernatural, the audience needed a crisis counselor. If you couldn’t watch the episode live, here’s what you missed:

Jack died

In the last episode, Jack (Alexander Calvert) got even sicker thanks to a spell gone wrong, The episode ended with Rowena (Ruth Connell)’s confirmation that Jack was dying.

This week picked up with Jack using an oxygen mask. Dean (Jensen Ackles) was overcome with emotion and had to step out for a minute. Jack, alone with Sam (Jared Padalecki), asked him what would happen to him when he would die — Sam didn’t know. When Dean returned, after Cas (Misha Collins) pushed him to be present for Jack, Sam said that Jack had died.

After some time, the boys agreed that tomorrow they would grieve, but during the night they would drink. So, drink they did. 

Jack’s death was sudden and heartbreaking, especially because he is so young. It was hard to watch the boys take the loss so hard, especially Dean. Considering where Jack and Dean were at the beginning of last season, the trauma the two have endured is impressive.

Lily Sunder is still kicking

Sam made a phone call to Lily Sunder (Alicia Witt), a human we last saw is season 12. Lily killed angels responsible for her daughter’s death using a type of magic that drew on her own soul. Sam called Lily hoping that she could use her magic on Jack’s soul to bring him back.  

The catch? She wants an all-access pass to Heaven when she dies so she can see her daughter.

The team summoned Anubis, the god who judges who goes to Heaven or Hell, but their plans were on hold when Anubis told Lily she was going to Hell. Lily started to pack up, but the boys laid one hell of a guilt trip on her. She performed the ritual and Jack shot up coughing.

After Jack completed his portion of the spell and he was cured, Lily died. The audience found out that she was in fact granted entrance into Heaven because of her final, selfless act.

Supernatural, man. No one really dies.

Cas sacrifices himself (but not yet)

Shortly after Jack died, Cas was getting distress calls from Heaven. When he went to investigate and find Jack to make sure he was okay, Cas found dead angels underneath puddles of black goo.   

Naomi (Naomi Tapping) explained to Cas that The Empty attacked Heaven because it thinks Jack is its property. The Empty is the nothingness place that angels go to after death. Because Jack is half-angel, it wants Jack back with it in the Empty. Cas is the only angel that has escaped the Empty.

Cas made a deal with the Empty and trades Jack’s place with his. The Empty agrees, but not yet, it wants its end of the deal when Cas is happy on Earth and has forgotten about it. Then, the Empty will drag Cas to nothingness.

Cas accepts and pleads Jack not to tell Sam and Dean because he made a promise. 

It was different seeing the angelic side of things. Lately, the episodes have been a case a week scenario, but now, there seem to be larger plot hiccups.

So far, the series hasn’t been renewed for another season. This could be the writers opening the door for the series finale. Collins, Ackles and Padalecki have said that they want either both brothers, or at least Sam to die.

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