The last episode of The Good Place ended with the core four, along with Michael (Ted Danson) and Janet (D’Arcy Carden) causing a commotion in the accountants office and escaping to the Good Place. Michael spends the episode trying to appeal to the Good Place committee, while the core four and Janet have their own issues to attend to. 

Tahani (Jameela Jamil), Jason (Manny Jacinto) and Janet are trying to make amends after Jason and Tahani discover Janet still has feelings for Jason. The plotline brings an unexpected female bonding moment for Janet and Tahani that is quite heartwarming.

Meanwhile, for all of the Cheleanor shippers out there, Chidi (William Jackson Harper) and Eleanor (Kristen Bell) go on their first date while trapped in the mailroom of the Good Place. The date includes champagne and Chidi wearing a mailman’s outfit, and it ends with the couple heating things up by having sex for the first time. 

The most important issue of the episode is Michael’s escapade to convince the Good Place committee that the Bad Place has tampered with the accountants office and point system. When the committee decides to investigate under the promise of it taking at least 1,400 years, Michael feels hopeless. It’s only then when he realizes that it isn’t the Bad Place tampering with the points; it’s just how the world is evolving. 

Michael uses the example of someone buying roses. A man got a lot of Good Place points because he grew and picked his own roses to give to his grandmother. However, when another man got roses for his grandmother, he lost points. It’s because he ordered them through a cell phone that was made in a sweatshop, the flowers were grown with toxic pesticides, delivered from thousands of miles away creating a large carbon footprint and the money went to a greedy CEO that sexually harassed women.

“The Bad Place isn’t tampering with points; they don’t have to,” Michael said. “Because every day the world gets a little more complicated and being a good person gets a little harder to do.”

Of course, in the typical Good Place fashion, the episode ends on a cliffhanger of the core four and Michael and Janet traveling to visit the judge and appeal to her about the admittance of the group into the Good Place, and to possibly save humanity.

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