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Some of Ohio's weirdest laws

Ever wondered if you’re allowed to fish for whales on a Sunday? Look no further. From toilet paper requirements to illegal roller skating, here are some of Ohio’s oddest laws you might just need to know.

Forget about an open container, worry about glass

Athens has “glass-free zones” in which people are not allowed to have any glass container on city-owned property, according to Athens’ code of ordinances.

If you’re going to commit a crime, do it on Sunday

According to Ohio Revised Code, or ORC, no person can be arrested on a Sunday or on the Fourth of July if he or she is on the way to a designated place of worship. This code also states that nobody in a congress meeting or any court can be arrested.

Call me Ishmael, but don’t try and catch me 

It is illegal to fish for whales on Sundays, according to a Dayton Daily News article. Speaking of fish, it’s also illegal purposefully intoxicate fish.

Hickory dickory dock, you better have a hunting license for mice

In Cleveland, it is illegal to catch mice without hunting licenses, according to a Cleveland Scene article.

Roller skating is an extreme sport, apparently

In North Canton, it is illegal to roller skate unless you notify the police first, also according to a Cleveland Scene article.

Keep all of your chickens in a row 

In Akron, it is illegal to sell colored chickens or post signs at swimming pools, according to a Dayton Daily News article.

Need toilet paper?

All operators of underground to ORC coal mines are required to provide “an adequate supply of toilet paper,” according to the ORC.


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