Graduate Student Senate voted to branch off as a separate body from Student Senate at Tuesday’s meeting. 

The resolution will request a change of wording of the separation in the Student Senate Constitution. GSS will now only represent graduate students, rather than being a part of one full body to represent all university students. 

The resolution will be presented to Student Senate at Wednesday’s meeting. If passed, the two bodies will separate as representatives of different bodies at Ohio University. 

Another resolution passed, which finalized the new GSS Constitution. The final amendments focused around the new executive offices and their duties as well as the preamble. 

There was also a resolution passed stating the upcoming Senate elections will be held through the Office of the Dean. The candidates will now go through the dean that corresponds with the specific college they look to represent. 

Another resolution was passed which will install a yearly presentation to GSS by the Graduate College. 

The meetings will present specific numbers, such as total graduate and professional student enrollment, graduate appointments, assistantships and scholarships for that academic year.

Another resolution also passed that requests the Graduate College to present all of the information from the 2017-18 academic year. 

Graduate Student Senate also passed a budget resolution to cover expenses for the 14th Annual History Graduate Student Association Conference on March 23, which costs $390. 


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