One of the biggest struggles of fest season is finding somewhere to go to the bathroom.

The Ohio University Police Department issued five citations for public urination Saturday that took place on Mill, Stewart and Shafer streets. 

According to the OUPD police log, there were seven citations issued for disorderly conduct by intoxication or underage consumption over the weekend.

OUPD took four reports of theft for a pair of AirPods, a bicycle, items from an art exhibit in the basement of Alden Library and a sign that belongs to the university. 


The Athens County Sheriff’s Office responded to South 11th Street in Jacksonville on Monday for a report of property damage. 

Deputies made contact with the complainant, who said a local tow company struck her porch while delivering a car to a nearby residence. Deputies contacted the tow company who said they would be back to fix the damages. The case is pending further investigation.

I’m only sleeping

The sheriff’s office received a report of a possible disturbance at Clinton Street in Albany on Thursday. 

Deputies arrived to the apartment and listened outside but did not hear anyone inside. The resident of the apartment was contacted; they said they were the only person awake and there was no cause for concern. Deputies returned to patrol.

You can’t stay here

The sheriff’s office responded to Bessemer Road in Buchtel on Monday at the request of a local businessman having issues with a guest he had rented to. 

The guests allegedly broke several rules and were refusing to leave. Deputies spoke with the involved parties, and the guests were transported to Nelsonville. No further action was needed. 

Just chillin’

The sheriff’s office was advised of a gray pit bull loose and barking at pedestrians on State Route 78 in Glouster on Feb. 28. 

Deputies found the dog at the owners residence sitting on the porch. The owner was not home, and the dog was not causing any issues. No further action was needed. 

Ghostly break in

On Feb. 28, the sheriff’s office responded to Pleasanton Road for a residential alarm. 

Deputies checked the house and found evidence of forced entry, but no suspects were found in the house. Security system and video footage was obtained, and the incident is under further investigation. 

Dude, where’s my mail?

The sheriff’s office received a report about a missing mailbox and mail from a Marion Johnson Road residence on Thursday. 

They said they had been expecting a check and other mail that should have arrived, per confirmation from various agencies, according to the report. The case is under investigation.

Helping a stray

The sheriff’s office was dispatched to Wooten Road on Feb. 27 for a suspicious person complaint. 

Deputies located the man and discovered he was trying to find the owner of a stray dog in the area. Deputies returned to patrol, and no further action was necessary. 

Sinking feeling

The sheriff’s office responded to High Street in Chauncey on Feb. 27 for a report of a sinkhole. 

Deputies found a vehicle’s front tire in a sinkhole and took a report. The Village of Chauncey was also notified of the incident.

Car-pe diem

The sheriff’s office was advised of a possible stolen vehicle on Carbondale Road on Feb. 27. 

Deputies confirmed the vehicle was reported stolen from the Nelsonville Police Department. The vehicle was recovered, and the Nelsonville Police Department was notified.