Summer break is one week closer, and you made it. While you dream of summer sun and finishing the home stretch, read these fun news stories.

Rage Rooms

If the end of the semester is stressing you out, you just might need an impromptu trip to Jordan’s new Axe Rage Rooms.

In those rooms, people can take out their anger on old appliances, such as televisions and computers. Smashing plates and glasses are also used.

The experience only costs those seeking a quick release $17. Customers suit up, write their frustrations on a blackboard and are free to wreck the rooms. There are also couples rooms available with a glass window connecting two separate rooms. 

Axe Rage Rooms has been open for about a month and has seen a steady stream of about 10 people a day.

Wanted Man

Police tried to confront a wanted man in his home, but opened the door to find that he escaped through a unique route.

The man escaped through a small square-shaped hole in his floorboards. In order to execute his plan, the man reinforced his door with a metal bar. He hopped down the hole, which led to a nearby neighbor’s home.

The police force eventually got inside with the help of hydraulic cutting equipment. Although the man got away, the police team tweeted that they are still on the hunt. 

Magnetic Memory

An electromagnetic device may help improve memory for the elderly, according to a new study. 

A focus group of 15 people aged 64 to 80 went through five daily sessions with the device. The device utilizes turning off electromagnetic pulses on and off at a quick speed. After the pulses were transmitted, those in the study took a day off in order to see if the effects would sink in.

Before the device was used, the focus grouped performed slower at memory tasks than a group younger in age. After the experiment was completed, both groups completed the task with the same amount of success.

Overall, participants’ abilities to recall memories increased by about 31 percent. However, after a week, those results went away.

The device is already used to help treat those with depression. Experts say that more studies would need to be done in order to gather credible results.

Trying something new

Twitter is known for its bizarre stories and memes, and this week was no exception. Twitter users shared some of their favorite unlikely food combinations on Wednesday.

The conversation sparked by user @jackieaina asking users for their favorite weird food combinations. Some of the suggestions were mustard in yogurt, dipping Oreos in coffee and ketchup with ice cream. 

Some suggestions were met with disgust, while other users were intrigued. Out of all the suggested combinations, coffee and Oreos seemed to be the most well-received.