With finals around the corner, it’s easy to be feeling stressed out or overwhelmed right now. Take a study break this Friday by reading the fun news of the week.

Paint lives on

If you’re feeling nostalgic today, maybe it’s because Microsoft decided to keep around your favorite app in their latest update.

Microsoft’s Paint application, which was rumored to be removed in the next Windows update, is here to stay. Rumors of the app’s removal began in 2017, and on Wednesday, a Microsoft developer confirmed that the app will remain in Windows 10. 

However, Paint won’t remain in its current capacity. Instead of having the app as a default in Windows’ operating system, Paint will be available for download in the Windows Store. 

Paint has been available since 1985. It has evolved from a basic graphics editor to a 3D painting program, and the future is still full of possibilities.

Under the sea

A creature that seemingly resembles a jellyfish was spotted in the Indian Ocean this week.

Researchers in the expedition found the creature about 7,000 feet below sea level within the Java Trench.

The jellyfish-like animal is unlike anything researchers have ever seen, Expedition Leader Victor Vescovo said.

Researchers spotted the creature while diving in the Java Trench for a Discovery Channel documentary. Divers saw the creature and described it as looking almost artificial. After studying it, those on the expedition determined that the creature is an ascidian, a type of tunicate.

Researchers are still not 100 percent certain that the creature is an ascidian. However, a clear shot of the creature was taken and will be used to do more research.

A seventy thousand dollar slip up

A woman won about $78,000 in the lottery by using her daughters’ birthdays and ages. But, she didn’t use one of her daughter’s ages due to her own mistake.

Antoinette Ousley’s daughters had a birthday around the time of the lottery. She usually played the lottery with the daughter’s old age, 19, when it should have been 20 because of a recent birthday. However, the mistake made her a lottery winner.

Ousley plays the same numbers every day, she said. The numbers eventually paid off, and Ousley hopes to use the money to buy a new house.

In it for the long haul

The world is abuzz over the release of Avengers: Endgame. The film is about three hours long, making it Marvel’s longest movie. Amind all of the excitement, some people are asking a rather peculiar question: how are they going to take a bathroom break without missing all the action?

Some of those who have attended screening of Endgame in foreign countries said that the theater had an intermission. While present in locations like Italy and Israel, U.S. theaters will not have intermissions during Endgame screenings.

It is recommended that viewers do not leave the theater after the two hour point. Before that mark, multiple scenes are recommended as the perfect opportunity to take a break without missing too much of your favorite superheroes in action.