Those new to town may notice Athens lacks a record store. 

Almost two years ago, Haffa’s Records closed down. The store served the general interest of music — but also the niche hobby of collecting records. Now, the nearest record stores in the region are about hour-drives from Athens: Apollo Records in Chillicothe, and Sound Exchange in Parkersburg, West Virginia. With vinyl on the come-back, here are some nearby options for increasing your collection:

Athens Underground

With a huge, cultivated collection of records, Athens Underground is a great place to stop by and check out. A neat little store, located at 90 N. Court St., is an Athens staple. Walk down the stairs and be greeted by colorful displays and a vast array of antique items. If you look further, you’ll find a huge collection of used records. Organized by genre, with a decent-sized folk, jazz and country sections, Athens Underground is a reliable source for classic vinyl. 

Follett’s Bookstore

Students may wander into Follett’s Bookstore just to head to the basement to pick up a textbook, but a quick look around the first floor, and you’ll spot a record section. Located at 63 S. Court St., the store offers a decent-sized record collection. Follett’s sells new vinyl pressings of modern artists such as Lana Del Rey or Kanye West, but also has classic such as The Beatles or Led Zeppelin. With its location and variety, it is a solid spot for fresh records. 

Athens Ohio Antique Mall

With an ever-growing, diverse collections of records, Athens Ohio Antique Mall, located at 180 Columbus Road, is worth the short trip. The Antique Mall has a solid stock of famous names and classics such as Bob Dylan, but also maintains a collection of more alternative classic acts, such as Kate Bush or Meat Puppets. Inexpensive with an expansive collection, sorted by genre from bluegrass to soul — and even a world music section — the Antique Mall has something for every avid record collector.

Random House

Conveniently located at 12 W. State St., across from O’Betty’s and next door to Casa Nueva, Random House is a unique little antique store right in uptown. Despite being small, Random House offers many options to lovers of used, vintage pressings.


These are just a few options for record shopping. Most thrift stores and consignment shops in the area sell cheap, used, donated records, and even Walmart offers new vinyl. Some of these locations will even buy or exchange records, so stop by and discover music. 


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