It’s time to deal with unfinished business, rose lovers. 

Tuesday night’s episode resumed with the contestants coming to terms with Derek’s self exit and the arrival of Clay’s ex, Angela. 

Chris takes it upon himself to talk to John Paul Jones about his feud with Derek that led to his departure. JPJ says he “could have been more levelheaded with Derek” but doesn’t regret anything he did. 

Tayshia still hasn’t decided if she wants to continue with JPJ and even tells Mike “there’s a lot of things I'm skeptical about … He’s so sure about me. It’s crazy.” JPJ is clearly in a state of chicken-nugget-mania as he still continues to fight for Tayshia’s heart by asking her to kiss a fish … that he caught with his bare hands. 

Tension is running high with Angela on the beach and her intentions regarding Clay. After watching her go on date after date, he’s completely distraught, and everyone is waiting for him to crack. Clay may say that he is over his ex, but he’s wondering if it’s fair to keep dating Nicole when things are unfinished between him and Angela. “If this continues, I might leave Paradise,” he confesses. 

Out of literally nowhere, Blake realizes his love for Kristina. Yeah, that sentence doesn’t sit very well. “She’s right there,” he says. “Kristina’s been here this whole time … Maybe all this time what I wanted was right in front of me.” 

Or maybe there’s a rose ceremony tomorrow, and you’ll pull any trick you can to stay in Paradise. “This is weird,” Kristina tells him. But in the end, he gets her rose. 

In a shocking twist of events, Dean returns to the beach. This time, the mustache is gone and so is his bad boy ego. “I flew back to San Diego, and the entire flight back I literally could not stop thinking about you,” he confesses to Caelynn. He came right back to Mexico in hopes he’d reach her before she made another connection. Well, that reality came true, and now Caelynn must pick. Bad boy Dean? Or perfect man Connor? 

On a sad note, Mike was sent home. And yes, it was soul crushing. Hopefully his departure has secured his spot for the next Bachelor!

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